Ruby Elixir Press

Ruby Elixir Press
Est. January, 2014

Ruby Elixir Press is my imprint, founded at the start of January, 2014.

In early 2014 I struck out on my own in spirit of fierceness and sunshine. What better emblem to choose for my banner than that of the bravest, most practical and valiant creature in the world: Bertram the Warrior-Mole? 
 And just when Simpian was wishing the Rickets would hurry up and kill them—or better yet: go away--he felt a very small earthquake beneath him. Rolling over, Simpian saw the earth crack open in a furrow. Something very like a cigar-butt peered out at him with a grin and two bright black eyes beneath a paper soldier-hat. -Cottleston Pie
Since creating him in 2013, I had thought I should like Bertram to be on my side in any fight...and since independent publication is certainly an uphill fight, I thought I should like Ruby Elixir and Bertram on my side forever and always. Thus was born the title of my imprint: the ship that carries my books through the world.

Titles available through Ruby Elixir Press:

Coming November 5, 2014:

Anon, Sir, Anon: a Vivi & Farnham Mystery

(November 5, 2014)

Fly Away Home 

(February 14, 2014)

Now available in Kindle and Paperback formats on Amazon!

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