Essentially Me

I am not a drop-dead gorgeous sort of girl. Thankfully that does not matter on paper, nor does it matter for real in this world. I sometimes am deceived into feeling that it matters, but it does not and so I ignore those lies and continue on my merry way. In this blog you will find a deal of Me. I have a distinctive voice, as you will soon find, and that voice is the one I hear all day long in my head.

It's saucy.

It's funny.

It likes to think itself clever.

It uses misplaced capitals Like This.

It laughs with a sound like gasping and hiccuping and a giggle combined.

I believe in wearing bright lipstick, in reading thick books, in drinking a profuse amount of lemonade, and in smiling at strangers. I treasure laughter and friends and confidential chats. I am almost never cold. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, and in it I come alive.

I am the girl whom you will sometimes see staring and smiling abstractly out a window. My sisters have come to ask me what I'm smiling about, knowing it probably has to do with a new book idea, my current crush on one of my male characters, a quaint observation on Society, or simply a fascination with some minuscule facet of creation I saw out the window.

I believe in watching moon-rise. I often think in an English accent. I want to marry a Scotsman, if I ever have the good fortune to meet a suitable one. I believe in lotion and free samples and milk chocolate. I believe in dark chocolate too, when it's paired with peppermint. I believe in bemoaning thick waists and then writing about women with tiny ones. I love all things vintage, romantic, and lovely. I am a woman--what can I say? This is me. The me apart from and in this blog. The Rachel Heffington that pours herself into a story, works hard at it, and hopes for the best. Pleased to meet you.


Dawn said...

Lovely and witty introduction!

C said...

You have such a lovely bio, and I love all the little tidbits you wrote about yourself. :) I feel like I know you so well now.

Also, THANK YOU so much for visiting my little blog and commenting on a bunch of posts with simply jolly comments. I am happy you've entered my Book giveaway, and because of all the wonderful things you said on my blog, I hope for your sake that you win the giveaway!

I've been reading and visiting your blog for a few years now, but you can be sure I'll be back here a lot more often. All the best to you!

C said...

And I LOVE that you also hope to marry a Scotsman, if a suitable one be found! :) When we both visit Scotland someday, we'll have to take LOTS of pictures and tell each other allll about it.