And So It Began

How did you discover you were a writer?

I must laugh and admit I was a pompous little thing when I first began writing. By virtue of having been raised on only the best books, I've always been what you might call a bit of a "literature snob." As I've grown I've come to apply that discriminating taste to refining my own writing, admiring the genius of truly great writers, and seeing the talent in so-so books. But as a 12 year old, self-avowed book-worm, I had cycled through our whole library, my cousins', and the public library and had read all the books I considered worth reading. (A fair appraisal of the situation, actually.) What, then, was more natural than to fall to writing books myself?

That was my inauspicious beginning.

The first several books were cataclysmic affairs best left to dry-rot in the annals of history. But through hard work, lots of criticism, and trial-and-error, I began to know that I had a bit of a talent. I won't say a bomb-shell amount, for it has yet to be accepted by that awe-inspiring species of human called the Publisher, but a bit of talent, yes. I continue to refine this bit of talent, hoping to polish it and cut it and purge out the dross and someday make it to bookstore shelves across the nation.

But if I have any talent at all it is a gift from God and has been given to me for the sole purpose of bringing Him glory. That is my aim in writing, and one of the reason I feel called to write. Everyone loves a story. Words are a fabulous medium for communicating the importance of Christ in our lives. This is why I write. May it be so for all of us.

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Unknown said...

I love how you explained the start of your writing adventure! It brought a smile to my face, and your closing paragraph is simply beautiful. Since I began following your blog, I have so enjoyed it! I nominated you for an award on my blog, here:, but please don't feel at all obligated to accept. I just wanted to let you know in this small way how much I admire your site and work. Have a wonderful evening! :)