Monday, May 2, 2016

Favorite Literary Accounts on Instagram

I'm more frequently on Instagram than I am on Twitter and even Facebook, so when it comes to keeping up with authors and those in the literary world, I rely heavily on those with Instagram accounts. Which are my favorites? Oh, let me give you some of the best:

The Strand Book Store:

Official account of the famous bookstore in New York City, @strandbookstore is a fun account to continuously whet your appetite for reading and exploring new books with their snaps of customers, new displays, celebrity bookworm sightings, and more.

Pictures of Text

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Actor/Writer/Screenwriter BJ Novak (The Book With No Pictures is a personal favorite) has the best eye for humorous, idiosyncratic, and just plain weird things written...everywhere! This account literally is what it says: pictures of text.


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Before finding this poet on Instagram, I had often run across quotes of his via Pinterest. Though the sap-level can sometimes run high here, his turns of phrase are often thoughtful enough to cause me to pause, reflect, and remember. I highly recommend following him if you're looking for (very short) bits of poetry/prose to add to your daily life.

Austin Kleon

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You have to love the sarcastic, hilarious, cut-bait author of Steal Like An Artist. And if you don't already love him, just contact me or Elisabeth Foley and we'll get you on the road to recovery.

The Washington Post

"When I was nine-years-old I accomplished something that my dad thought merited a reward. He took me to the ZCMI department store and told me I could pick out one item...when I showed him the copy of Anne of Green Gables he furrowed his brow and asked if I was sure that's what I wanted. With all my heart I assured him indeed it was...after a few minutes and my pleading face, he knew that book was what I wanted more than anything in the world. He bought it for me and as you might imagine that #firstreads was a catalyst to many other literary adventures," writes @bookbloom. πŸ“šWhat was your favorite book as a child? What books do you pass on to your children now? Take a photo & tag it with @washingtonpost and #firstreads!πŸ“š Be sure to check our Instagram to see if your photo was featured! We're gearing up to celebrate Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday on April 12! Her iconic characters, among them sisters Ramona and Beezus, inspired generations of children to turn to books for connection and inspiration. Your photo may appear on our site or on our other social media channels too! (Photo courtesy of @bookbloom) #books #favoritebook #nostalgia #reading
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Can't go wrong following an account that posts about pop culture, politics (both global and American), books, and art. The Post is my favorite to fill this spot.

Do you have any favorite literary accounts I should be following? Share them on Twitter (@Rachelswhimsy) or Instagram (@lipstickandgelato) so I can follow along. :)

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