Monday, January 18, 2016


One change I've already implemented into my writing strategy this year is to keep a journal. That way, even if schedules conspire against me being able to get in any actual writing time, I can still make sure I've written something. Another upside is that I get to find myself hilarious and occasionally make sense of life as a by-product. How do you keep a journal? For me, I've begun keeping mine as a sort of art-journal, lyrics-keeper, and first-person factual novel. So take that as you will. I find this format encourages the sort of fiction-creativity I don't get to practice if I'm not writing, while still serving as an outlet for my thoughts and mental-processing. Here, then, is a harmless extraction from a couple weeks ago:

(after entering the complete lyrics of Ex-Ambassadors' "Renegades")
January 6, 2016

I copied those lyrics at Cure Coffee this afternoon and yes, I was suitably ashamed of how many times I've been there since the new year began. It's a shocking lot. It's late -- nearly 11 -- but I find I'm not super sleepy yet and I've been lying in bed with my head skibbling from one thought to the next. Mama was in my room relating a story so she tucked me in -- SO LONG SINCE THAT HAPPENED -- but I wanted to write and anyway I'm hot on account of this plush blanket that seems to be woven of MAGMA or something, it's so pulsing with heat. I flicked on the closet light and presently I will bestir myself enough to turn on the fan. Notice my strong aversion to throwing off the covers? I like to "sniggle up," as Levi has it.

Today was my day off so I spent the AM tidying up the room and water-color sketching a pommelo for the blog, then caught a couple hours of wifi work at Starbucks. One of the hitherto cross-at-me baristas made a foam heart in my latte so I felt all kinds of undying affection for her. No, but she really meant to be nice just for me!


Then, when we got home (Anna'd gone out with me), Mama wanted to space out with us. We had "no money" of course (surprise!) so we realized with out membership the Norfolk Zoo is free, so yes: Mama, Anna, and I went to the zoo on a frigid day. We were rewarded with seeing all the usually somnolent big animals being active, though all the cute little ones were either asleep, depressed, or both. The elephants were behaving as if they'd got earbuds in, listening to a waltz, and I expect that's the last time I'll ever see them because apparently they're lonely and there are to be no more elephants at the zoo. 

I ask you! A zoo with no elephants???

And the lions were actually roaring! I confess, I never before realized how loud a lion's roar can be, and how unearthly sounding. It positively rattled the air and ground. We made our skins crawl deliciously by talking about if one got out, but one didn't so we left. There was hardly anyone else there besides us. Quite fun, actually.

Of course, being so frozen and lion-pestered as we were, coffee was necessary so AWAY TO CURE. I had already had a flat-white this AM so I ordered a pot of strawberry kiwi tea from Will, that interesting barista-man, and thus established that I'm not a dull, predictable girl who gets her almond-milk, skimmed latte each visit. Last time (I quote) I, "flouted all that advice -- I'll have a lavender mocha latte, please." And this time it was tea.

Take that, sir.

I also partook in the most wonderful charcuterie board and none of us knew what half the things were before tasting them and even after had only the vaguest notion of some but I think it was brie & fig-preserves, some salt & pepper cheese, some odorous, strong, lovely cheese, a ginger-balsamic reduction, strong mustard, dill pickle slices, proscioutto (sp?), and salami. And bread a'course.
Mama ordered a de-caff latte and Will brought over a caffeinated one with the PRETTIEST latte art. So he had to take it back and I felt shame but I saw him drink it so oh well. The second one had art just as pretty. I saw my Asian-friend man who studies, like every time I come in. But I've been 3 times in the last week and I live a full hour away so who's the real crazy here?

The store was playing the best vintage/swing/classics playlist so I left a note, knowing Will ( the only barista/waiter-on-duty) would see it.

Immediately after I felt so silly -- why did I do that? *shakes head at self* So silly. On the way back to the car (and Boteourt looked SO charming at sunset!) I popped into Hummingbird Macarons and got a pale blue Earl Grey Tea one but it didn't taste like tea at all -- got lost in the ganache. Still yummy. 

I was brave to go in there after the shop girl saw (and smiled at) me tripping on a loose brick and jolting to my balance again. Mad skills.

I am looking back on the first six days of 2016 so far and feeling that I've courted adventure pretty fiercely. I mean, really. I've done a lot. Most of it has been arranged around "Where is it possible to get a good latte?" but hey. (...even in Appomatox.)

I'm sleepy now. I have a coffee date tomorrow with a girl I haven't caught up with since August. More coffee.

What is life?

....what is my coffee bill?



Skye Hoffert said...

You have a way of making coffee shops, tea, food, and the most ordinary things sound like absolute magic.

Rachel Heffington said...

Well, thank you, Skye! I consider that a large compliment. :)