Friday, December 11, 2015

Yuletide News

I do sometimes pop back out of the woodwork to say my piece. Not frequently, but frequently enough to hope some of you remember me, Rachel Heffington, the Inkpen Authoress. I bought a new laptop on Cyber Monday and it should be coming soon, which I find thrilling. New things are obviously not the reason for productivity, but they certainly help one feel like sitting down with the laptop for the old writing sesh. I sent "The Spindle and The Queen" out to several beta readers and have pretty roundly decided I will not be sending it into Rooglewood's contest. Instead, I intend to brush it up, expand it here and there, and publish it myself as an e-book sometime mid-winter. The story, word-count, and ending all suggested I go my own route, so as much as I wish all of you luck in the contest, my Sleeping Beauty retelling will not be making an appearance in Five Magic Spindles. I know many of you will understand. To rest, best of luck! I had the chance to peep at the story of one contestant and I'm quite excited to see who makes the cut and which stories are chosen!

In the realm of "consumed literature," I've been reading gobs. Both of actress Mindy Kaling's books were gobbled down between a total sum of three days (not constant reading, either). I'm most of the way through a massive biography on Julia Child, which has been so very eye-opening! I'm threading down the path of Charles Dickens's Dombey & Sons when I think of it, and working on a Civil War romance lent to me by author Meghan Gorecki. The only reason I haven't finished that novel yet is because Mindy Kaling happened. Excuses.

I hope/plan to write another Christmas story this year. In fact, I know I will because I've yet to pass a year when the need to Write Something hasn't seized me by the throat halfway through December. If you're new to the blog, or just want a healthy dose of the feel-goods, might I point you in the way of last year's story, "John Out-the-Window" - it's guaranteed to make you smile. The first part (and all the parts following) can be found by following this link. Gosh, I loved that story.

The most fantastic piece of information I have to announce, though, is the fact that I recently returned from a visit to my fellow "slipper sister," Clara Diane Thompson. We connected quite well over a group video-chat hosted by author Shonna Slayton , kept up afterward, and have continued to grow a wonderful friendship. Clara is just as amazing in person as she seemed to be over FaceTime and emails, and I treasured our five days together. When not writing, Clara works full-time as the sort of events/volunteer coordinator for a sprawling retirement center, which meant that I got to tail her at work one day and give makeovers to all of the precious old ladies. I also got to run their book club for the afternoon! Clara asked me to read one of my short stories and I'm telling you, it's harder than you'd think to find a short enough piece of fiction that is also complete/cheerful enough to read to residents at a nursing home! I enjoyed myself so much, though, and talk of my stories soon became talk of which authors and books were special to the residents. They fished around for memory of Pride & Prejudice's plot and reminisced about waiting for each Nancy Drew mystery to come out. What fun times we had...though one of the ladies sagely suggested I might record myself reading aloud sometime and listen to it to see places I could improve my enunciation and slow my speed so that someone nearly deaf would have an easier time following along. I laughed. And agreed. I cannot wait to see Clara again sometime! She really is darling.

I want to know about you now! How did NaNoWriMo treat all of you? And what is your favorite Christmas story? I foresee my annual re-read of The Christmas Carol in the near future!


Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

So hard to believe "John Out the Window" was a year ago!!!!
Excited for the fun things you are doing. :D
Also I am secretly delighted to not be competing against you in the Rooglewood contest this year. Lol, just kidding - there's actually a community feel to these contests, wherein we are more colleagues than competitors. I would have been thrilled when you won.
I am still very much intrigued by your story, and have been looking forward to it since I first heard about it. I'm eager for its release as soon as you finish it!!

Skye Hoffert said...

I'm a little sad that your story wont be in the collection, because from some of those snippets I thought for sure you had it in the bag.
But I understand, and it's great that your expanding it, and planning on publishing it. I really want to read it.

Rosie McCann said...

Did you go see Newsies? My sister and I are going to see them TODAY, live IN THEATER, and I am SO EXCITED!!!!

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

I agree with Skye—just so long as we all get to read The Spindle and the Queen, I'm all for it! Your snippets have greatly intrigued me.

Rachel Heffington said...

Skye and Elisabeth, I definitely plan for you to be able to read it! It will be published, just on my own steam. I like this story. I want to give it the right treatment.

Anonymous said...

SO glad to hear that about your Sleeping Beauty!!!! <3 ( Which also in turn makes me feel horrible for being so self-focused lately and not asking! Ugh. Will catch up soon, my favorite Rachel. )
And not finishing Candle in the Darkness is completely excusable because of our Great Mindy. ;) I have yet to read her books yet! Grr.

Livia Rachelle said...

I love getting some of the references in Little Women after reading the novels (for me Dickens and Burney mostly). Books referring books, can it get much better?

Sofia Marie said...

Do post it when/if you publish the book. What spin did you put on it or is that a secret?