Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Promise I HAVE Been Writing...

Dear Folksies:
     Contrary to popular belief, I've been doing a LOT of writing recently. Why the secrecy? Well, this is actually non-fiction writing. For the past three or four months, actually, I've been hard at work on developing a new bit of blogspace to further and officially explore my triplet of other passions:

Food, Fashion, Art.

Lipstick & Gelato will give me a happy, organized outlet for all three while I people can still keep tabs on my reading and writing here on The Inkpen Authoress! I love a fresh start, a new focus, and a place to show my pretty things. Lipstick & Gelato will take the place of A Butcher, A Baker, A Candlestick-Maker  as my "other blog," and will focus on these three main things:

Recipes: In the Kitchen, on the Gelato side of the house I share all things edible: recipes new and old, hole-in-the-wall spots for a fine meal, foodie friendships, cooking challenges and more.

Fashion: In the Closet (or Lipstick gallery) I talk about style, beauty, dressing my ‘curvy’ body gracefully, and all things related to looking your best. Some of my inspirations style-wise are Audrey Hepburn, Amy Adams, Tanesha Awasthi, Kate Spade, Zooey Deschanel, classic and vintage silhouettes, and rich colors.

Art: My art is...all around! From fashion-sketches to food illustration, to quick sketches done on the sly under the nose of a snobby Starbucks barista, I throw my art into this blog the way I fit it into daily life: here and there, in all the nooks and crannies.

Think you're interested? Bookmark the blog (www.lipstickandgelato.com) so that when it goes public on August 11th, you'll be prepared! Spread the word with the image below on all your preferred venues of social media, and until the day you can actually get into the blog (which is, again, August 11th), follow Lipstick & Gelato on Instagram

Cheers to all of you! Thanks for being such ducks and putting up with my random silences!


Riley Pleasants said...

ooh this is so exciting! I love your style, dear Rachel <3

Colleen Elizabeth said...

How fun! I'm so looking forward to this splendid new venture. Also, your Lipstick & Gelato logo is fabulous :)

Unknown said...

Ah, an answer to the very question I put to you not an hour ago in my letter. Looking forward to your new blog. :)