Monday, February 2, 2015

Play with me, won't you?

This evening, we will be playing a guessing game! I have finally had some time to throw my back into writing. January was pluperfect CRAZY with several acquaintances dying, my own grandmother in the hospital with possible cancer (thank God they are slowly ruling that out), a visit to North Carolina, and plain old LIFE tossed in there. But as I have said, we are playing a guessing game. I have had my finger in no less than three pies this week. I want to see if you can guess what sort of stories I'm writing. I will number the batches of pictures and include one quote and you may leave a comment with your guesses below. Commenter with the closest guess wins, and Winners get Glory! You have previously heard news of at least one of these stories. Hurrah. So here it goes:

#1: "John O'Grady is a man of his word. If, in a fit of the tempers, John says he's going to kill you, why he just does."

#2: "There is a reason Australia is fit for nothing but a penal colony. If it isn't the heat, it's the snakes. If it isn't snakes it is death by shark or mauling by koala."

#3: "Last week it’d been Mackenzie Traver, week before that Brandon Keith. All her best boys showing up after she’d been stood up. Wasn’t fair. Fellow decides he doesn’t want to marry a girl, shouldn’t pop up at the very moment she was trying--and failing--to get a life of her own."

All right! Guess away!

(And congratulations to the winners of Rooglewood Press's Five Enchanted Roses contest, among whom are our dear Hayden and Kaycee! The collections sounds absolutely intriguing. :)


Anne-girl said...

The first sounds like another "murder cozy" but LOOKS like it might be plenilune fanfic so I'm going with NOT cozy murder mystery

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

Hmmm...the first looks like a cross between a murder mystery, Little Red Riding Hood, and Beauty and the Beast.

The second would be a great place for Vivi and Farnham to travel, see races, and solve a mystery.

The third sounds like a book about a girl trying to figure out how to pursue a life of godly singleness. But it's harder than she expected.

Anonymous said...

I am stumped as to the first. Kind of a fairytale sound to it though...
The second one sounds like Scotch'd the Snakes.
The THIRD is the contemporary Southern chick-lit. =D

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

I can't get any more specific than "fantasy" for the first one. :) Number two, I agree, looks like the next Vivi & Farnham.

Third quote, for some reason, reminds me of P.G. Wodehouse. :) No guesses as to what it is, though!

Hayden said...

I love that second quote to pieces :) Is it perhaps more Viv and Farnham?

The first story looks very little-red-riding-hood-ish (???) The third sounds contemporary.

Thanks for the congratulations!!! I'm rather overexcited about it all ;D

Abby said...

I was also thinking Beauty and the Beast for the first one. But the geese kind of ruined that, maybe. A cross between The Goose Girl and Beauty and the Beast.
The second looks like an adventure story by the sea. Perhaps Scotch'd the Snakes, but I don't know if I would've thought of that without reading any other comments.
And the third will be set in the South. Maybe it'll be one of those stories where all the girl's family wants her to get married and she wants her life to mean more than that?

Suzannah said...

Don't mind me, my internet is not good enough to load your no doubt pretty pictures. I'm just here to snicker at the second quote and express my deepest disappointment that you know about drop bears. Foreigners aren't supposed to know about drop bears.

Rachel Heffington said...

Wow! What a lot of fun it is to read all the ideas and assumptions you've put forth! Thanks for playing along.
And Suzannah: THEY EXIST? This was an entirely tongue-in-cheek remark. I cannot believe I've lucked out AGAIN. I have never heard of drop-bears. I am most indecently lucky with this sort of thing. XD

Suzannah said...

Um....YES. YES, drop bears totally exist! And they are particularly deadly to American travellers! You want to watch out for those. This Australian Geographic article will tell you everything you need to know. BE INFORMED.,-study-says/