Monday, January 12, 2015

"Quiet, Sparkler." January's Chatterbox Receiving Entries!

"Lots of people go mad in January. Not as many as in May, of course. Nor June. But January is your third most common month for madness."
-Karen Joy Fowler, Sarah Canary
I realize January's Chatterbox is late and that it is my habit to be tardy with these things. I will plead the excuse of many events leading up to last weekend (we had seventeen extra people staying with us for a wedding) and leaving no time until now for scheduling blog posts. But all's well that ends with the Chatterbox link-up appearing on the blog within its prospective month, and I am pleased to introduce to you the first topic of 2015:


I may or may not still be bitter that we had no fireworks, sparklers, matches, whirligigs, etc. for New Year's Eve. I may or may not have determined my favorite groomsman at this wedding when he gave me two extra sparklers, even though I already had one, and through his understanding was able to make up for the lack of New Year shizzam. At any rate, January is the first month of the year and I always associate it with fireworks. I also associate it with sequins, sparkling cider, cracker-and-cheese-plates, and olives. But because "olives" would be a weird topic to hand off to my public, I've stuck with "pyrotechnics" and I greatly anticipate what you make out of that. Off you go, ducks! Away from me.


Carmel Elizabeth said...

Ooh. This topic will make sparks fly. I'll be back with my addition on Monday!

Janie said...

I've stumbled across your blog from time to time and recently resolved to become a more consistent reader. I enjoy what you have to say, your gift with words, and your creativity. Also Chatterbox. It's a splendid idea.