Monday, December 8, 2014

December's Chatterbox: So I say God bless it!

"And therefore, Uncle, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that Christmas has done me good; and will do me good; and I say 'God bless it!'"
-Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol
Good morning, Chap-os! Though it is December 8 and thus nearly a third of the way through the month of December, I am not going to make you miss Chatterbox the second time round! Last year, December's topic was mythology. I think I threw you guys for a loop that time, because it was not really Christmas-like at all, unless you count Santa Claus. Apologies to those of you who still believe. The Polar Express or something. After decorating for Christmas the other day, I fell into a brown study over a magazine we have had since I was a year old. It's a Family Circle Christmas Treasury from 1993 and is full of stories, poetry, carols, and flash fiction. I have always loved it and poured over its never-ending pages every year during this season. So obviously, I love flash fiction about Christmas. This is the time of year in which I get nostalgic and love a good short story that makes me laugh or tear up or wish-it-wasn't-over. Don't you? In December, I don't mind you playing my emotions and making me cry over entirely fictional people who have an impossibly sweet story. Christmas is a time for miracles in every stretch of the word. I love it. I'll watch White Christmas and Christmas in Connecticut and Holiday Inn as many times as I can before Redbox reclaims them. I'll shout holiday trivia answers at the expense of everyone else's eardrums. I'll create little presents that don't cost much but means loads. And not only is this Christmastime, it is Advent: the time of year when we wait for the coming of Christ as a child and look to His second coming as a King who will put all things right. So this year, December's Chatterbox topic is:

Waiting Fulfilled

Each of us is waiting for something, or has waited. Have you ever had that fulfilled? Put that anxiety, hope, joy, peace, turmoil, what-have-you into words from you or from your characters (keeping an eye to dialog as usual) and link it up at the bottom of this page. Cheers, darlings! Can't wait to read all the holly-jolly. And does anyone else but me have "Read A Christmas Carol" on their holiday to-do list? It's a yearly tradition for my sister and me. We also watch the film, of which Jim Carey's version is our favorite, and sometimes we even make it well into The Cricket on the Hearth before the New Year. I'm off to work again, so tra-la-la!


Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Oh, you...I formulated a rather nice idea for this, and now it's over 1200 words and not nearly done yet. Just what I need, another Unidentified Object. :)

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

I realized that my Chatterbox submission (#3 above) doesn't look like it has the "fulfilled" part. But one thing that you have to realize is that, although she never mentions these two unfulfilled needs directly, this story-piece is about 1. finally getting to grieve and 2. having a trusted friend who will listen.

Abby said...

Ooh, can't wait to see all the entries. The ones so far are great (wisdomcreates, I totally got the point of yours even before reading your comment).
I love Christmas too. A tradition we have is listening to Handel's Messiah on Christmas morning.

elizabeth said...

hmmm...I'm doing a Christmas celebration snippets thing on my blog in the coming days, and my first post has much to do with this topic, so I do believe I shall link up when I post it! :)