Monday, November 10, 2014

Whistlecreig, Shakespeare, and Bludgeoning

I love you so much, I wish this for you.
Yesterday was Sunday, and thus a terribly busy day for me. As you know, I've gone down to North Carolina to stay with my brother's fiance till the wedding on Saturday. Since getting down here yesterday afternoon, I have had all sorts of excitement:
I stopped in Wake Forest and got coffee and explored artists' lofts. Then my phone died so I had to run on a wing and a prayer and hope I remembered the way I'd wended so I could get back to the house at which I had dropped off Mama for an event. Nothing like exercising one's brain. When I finally got to my STBSIL's house (Soon-to-be-sister-in-law), we found out her brother had caught a bobcat in a trap--the gorgeous creature had eaten twenty chickens over the past six months. This meant I tramped out several times to the back pasture (in the dark with a rake over my shoulder, or in the daylight to avoid cow pies) to see it. The brother decided not to shoot it because it was so pitifully not in the act of catching a hen, so he called an old wildlife rehabilitation fella to come get it. The man came and took the yowling, hissing, clawing bobcat in the cage without using so much as a pair of gloves and hefted the cage into the back of his pick-up beside two road-killed deer he meant to feed his wolves and his bald eagle, and took it to a distant river to have a new purchase on life. That cat was so angry. And she was not a bit like a house-cat...far more like a pint-sized lion. That roar!

Isn't she a beauty?

Anyway. Between church and bobcats and scouting for greenery for wedding decor and doing exercises to insure the bridesmaid's dress fits and all that sort of business, there was no time to sit down and write a blog post. Thus, I'm giving you yesterday's links with today's and hope you will enjoy all of them. :)

I sit down for an Interview at Whistlecreig with Esther Smith at The Pen of a Ready Writer.
Then I go bludgeon some inspiration at The Destiny of One.
Next, I get to talk Shakespeare with Elizabeth Rose on Literary Lane, about which I am super excited.
Fourth, trot over to Fullness of Joy for the first half of an interview which will continue here on the Inkpen Authoress tomorrow.
And fifth of all, the author of My Lady Bibliophile weighs in on some of her favorite aspects of Anon, Sir, Anon. She got to be an advance-reader so you ought to hear some...interesting things. ;)

Thanks so much for reading! I know your lives are busy and I treasure your time. (Psssst. Only a couple more days till we discover who wins the awesome Cozy Quagmire Party Pack.) If you don't win, don't worry! You can always purchase your own copy here. As usual, keep your heads high, your hats clean, and an umbrella under you arm so you can rescue someone in a distress during a rain-shower. Hey, it worked for Psmith--why not the rest of us?

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