Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day Four: Geckos and Mysteries and a Hoar-Frost

Dear Folk:
    Saturday in my corner of Southern Virginia has dawned brighter than bright with a deal of sunlight and a hard hard frost. So festive it seems with the silver filigree of a hoar-frost that I have almost forgotten the dubious fact that I am to wear a sleeveless chiffon dress in an outdoor wedding a week from today. Frost, on such occasions, is a dreadful event. I should very much like to not be freezing up there in the bridesmaid line. We shall see. For today, I am wonderfully glad for the cheery morning and the prospect of a week spent down North Carolina-way as I stay with my almost new-sister-in-law. Nothing--absolutely nothing--like weddings to get one "brisked round and brisked about." I will be able to continue this lovely blog party, which you have been so good as to join me in, from there.

I finally got my copy of Plenilune yesterday. It's massive.

Today, Ness Kingsley--my British contact, who critiqued Anon, Sir, Anon from the British-y standpoint--interviews me about plotting, geckos, and writers block. Not necessarily in that order. If you'd like to read this conversation with my favorite Brit besides Tom Hiddleston, you ought to head thisaway.
Later, I shall be dropping by Charity Klicka's blog to discuss the alchemy of words. Things like this:
Words give birth to communities. I can take your heart and make it mine with a clever rearrangement of a few meager words. You never know what I’ll say, but I’ll mean every syllable, for I’ll have arranged every syllable. It is craftsmanship that must be learned. Everyone uses words; everyday; everywhere. Words aren’t special in the way most people mean special. Words are…common. But their very normalcy makes them the perfect in-road to the element of surprise. If you know how.
 If you want to read up on such things, head thataway.

And, as usual, please don't forget to enter the giveaway for your chance to win a lot of prizes and Anon, Sir, Anon! The prize is totally worth the little while it takes to enter, and if I wasn't the author and organizer of said book and giveaway, I would most definitely be entering. But I am, and I have to fit into this bridesmaid's dress so sourdough toast is a little out of the question at present. Better luck for you lot. I hope you have a bright and beautiful day, and that if you find yourself in need of a cozy read for a nippy November day, you might choose to spend it with Vivi & Farnham.

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