Monday, October 13, 2014

Mad-Hatters, Ebola, and Indie Publishing

Hello, Lords of the Earth, their luxury and ease.
(Name the references and I'll love you forever and a day.)

I am generally hectically, marvelously, horrendously, good-griefishly busy with putting together the Anon, Sir, Anon release party. Thank heavens I only have three interviews and four guest posts left to write. I am in a rush solely because wedding preparations are buffetting the family and I need all publicity work for the Fifth of November utterly finished by next week....including finishing up editing my proof and applying the edits and uploading the new file and... indie-pubbing isn't for the faint of heart. But it's a load of fun, too. It's like self-inflicted torture that you really don't mind, deep deep down.
In my spare moments, I have been taking a creative break in Inktober. Essentially, you draw something with an ink pen in every day in the month of October. I joined late but I've been enjoying it. Technically, you are allowed to draw in pencil first and trace over it in ink, but I have sworn all the way and go with it if it isn't horribly muddled. Thus, the outcome isn't my finest work...but it's less than shabby. I think it is a wonderful creative exercise to have to fly with something--no editing allowed. In the spare moments leftover from the spare moments, I have dabbled a bit with Scotch'd the Snakes and managed to finish reading Have His Carcase. Now let's see if I can finish The Book Thief, which should be retitled: The Book That Never Ends Part Two (Les Miserables being the first volume.) It's not that it isn't good--it's fabulously well-written if a little rich, but it's just so stinkin' long. My fault, I believe, is that I watched the movie first so I feel rather like a balloon whose air was let go. Rather flabby and let-down. There is no suspense in it for me.

And in the spare ends of the spare ends of moments, I sometimes panic about pandemics.
"I'm not saying you have Ebola, but one of us has Ebola and it's not me."
Germ-X, plez. And I'm afraid I'm not terribly compassionate because you know what I feel like doing with the continent of Africa right now? Locking it in a room and going all Mad Hatter on it:

Yeah. Apparently stress, busy schedules, and book releases reduce me to this. So sorry. Looks like I'm not exactly going to win a Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon.

Cheers, darlings!
    May the germless winds always be in your favor.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, yes! This ebola thing is CRAZY! I live just outside of Dallas, so I am just a BIT freaked out too. Ha. Anon, sir Anon looks so amazing, I've been meaning to tell you this, but now I'm so excited, wow! Looking forward to November! :)

ghost ryter said...


Ebola has my stomach all in a knot. I suppose all we can do is pray.

Hayden said...

Ugh. I have a bad cold, and let me tell you- hearing all about ebola while one is actually sick is not pleasant At All.

The Inktober thing sounds like a neat idea, though. :D

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Don't even get me started on ebola. I was a bit of a hypochondriac before all this got started and the nightly news isn't helping!

I guess since I read The Book Thief before seeing the movie, I was able to get a little more caught up in it, but I was surprised at how fast those 500+ pages seemed to go. I thought it would take an eternity to get through, but it only took about two weeks! (Which is fast for me. :-))

Rachel Heffington said...

Rebelise: oh my...that would be disconcerting!
Rebekah: truth!
Hayden: I...hope you have tissues nearby. Poor duck.
Sara: It is not all the fault of the book--I think it's a marvelous book. It's just that I have had little time or reading and a book that thick doesn't exactly embrace the hesitant page-by-page-er. :)