Friday, August 22, 2014

The Winner of the Half-Dozen Giveaway Is ...

Well. I got so busy with many things in my life this morning that I almost forgot to slip over to the blog and choose a winner for the Half-Dozen Giveaway! But I did not forget and for that, someone is going to be extremely happy.

I got so many fun entries for this contest, including several pieces of art so there might be a post coming up wherein I display the doodles, drawings, etc. of the constant entrants. We shall see. But none of you want to know that. What you want to know is whether you won or not.

And the person who won is ...!

I'm not really sure what sort of a name that is but Rafflecopter only gave me a choice of two email address so we'll call the winner "Wizzy" and hope he or she knows its real name! :D Congratulations, Wizzy! I have emailed to notify you of your win and I hope to be able to send your prize soon. To the rest of you, thanks a mil for participating in this celebration of my six-month authorship! Love all of you to bits. <3

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Congratulations to Wizzy!

Thanks for hosting this contest, Rachel. :D