Monday, June 30, 2014


It was inevitable because our Triumvirate (plus gobs) always ends up taking one another's ideas and it was only right that I'd come up with a vlog too. This is a thing I've been wanting to do for some time but a thing to which I'd never buckled down. Now I have. And here is the product. Not as nice a product as Jenny's, but I blame that on the fact that I don't have an iPhone and I don't know how to turn down the music's volume in the background of a video. HARUMPH. I will learn. This is the first of many, I hope, so enjoy. Also, if you've any questions about me or my writing, do please leave a comment below! I love to interact with you. Really and truly. :)



Jenny Freitag said...

You and Katie share mannerisms. It's insane. I love you guys. I love your reserved, cheerful voice (the better to not be overheard by an entire house of hooligan siblings), your cosy demeanour, and your pretty self in action. You must definitely do more video blog posts. What is the likelihood of you coming to South Carolina, or of me going to Virginia? We must video blog.

I'm really terrible with timelines and dates, and somehow the slow process through blog posts as they pop up in my feed ruins me to any sense of chronology when it comes to other people's works. Having you say everything succinctly in a video helped give me a clearer idea of what you are up to and what is up-coming.

Villette. Katie will love you.

Rachel Rossano said...

I love the vlog. Please give us more. :)

Emily Chapman said...

"I have a thing for unattainable men." XD

This just made me so stinkin' happy. You have the softest, sweetest voice ever and I loved this.

And I can't wait for ANON, SIR, ANON.

And I hope you post more vlogs. (Let's come up with a new name for this vlog thing.)

And you're adorable.

And you have a very, very good fake British accent. ^.^

Chloe M. Kookogey said...

This was lovely. ^.^ To get to see and hear your charming self rather than just reading your words on a screen was such a treat. You and Katie are so alike in your speech and mannerisms; it's uncanny.

November sounds like it would suit the release of Anon, Sir, Anon splendidly. Mysteries and autumn seem to go hand in hand, and NaNoWriMo makes November a particularly novelish month. What better season to meet Farnham on the page? I can't wait to see the final cover.

I hope you post more vlogs in future. You are every bit as darling and British as I imagined you, Rach. <3

Rachel Heffington said...

Jenny: the likelihood of me coming to SC is not entirely *unheard of* and I'd love for us to vlog together. Heavens, we'd be a mess.
Rachel: I'm so glad you loved it!
Emily: I am glad you approve of my "soft sweet voice" because sometimes I am much more full of energy and talk far too fast. XD
Elizabeth Rose: Katie and I are that much alike that you and Jenny both noticed it? Perhaps it's my fault: I have the most awkward habit of accidentally adopting the mannerisms of the people I've been interacting with. Though the speech is all mine. And I'm glad I pass British muster, though it was unconsciously done! :D

Emily Ann Putzke said...

This was so great! I'm really looking forward to reading Anon, Sir Anon when you publish it! And I can't wait to see the cover. I love a good book cover. =)

Abigail Hartman said...

I was also going to say you sound like Katie, which is, of course, a compliment. You have a lovely voice - and your quoting-voice is great. ("It's a bad business, Eugene, it's a baaaad business.")

I shouldn't think there would be any copyright issue with using "Cottleston Pie" if you quote it and attribute it to Milne. You'd have to do more research on it, of course, but don't give up on the title immediately: it's so fitting! Besides, writers always steal. It's How We Roll.

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

You know, I'm pretty sure "blent" used to be a word, at any rate. Remember Jo's poem in Little Women? "Forever are they sweetly blent/With the falling summer rain." It's a lovely-sounding word, but I don't know if even I would have the nerve to use it in anything but poetry nowadays!

What I know about copyright: book titles are not copyrightable, hence you see multiple books with the same name. Song lyrics are definitely copyright (unless public domain) and require permission and usually a fee to be quoted. Milne's Pooh books are still under copyright. I don't know for certain about using a quote from a (copyrighted) prose book for a title, but I lean towards agreeing with Abigail; it's probably all right. I'll bet you can find out pretty easily.

I'm so enjoying these vlogs (and yes, when you stop and think that that word is a contraction of a contraction, it's not exactly satisfactory...). I feel like I actually know you all now, having seen and heard you. I have proof that you're real. :) And for the record, I think the fact that you got through almost eleven minutes with only ONE interruption is remarkable. :)

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Oh, and I'll toss you one suggestion for a future Chatterbox: overheard.

Rachel Heffington said...

Emily Ann, so terribly glad you're excited. I mean, I'm excited but it's always nice to hear the populace is too.
Abigail: isn't Mortimer Lightwood so terribly under-appreciated? His dear, patient face. He was Mister Eu-GENE WRAY-burn's saving grace. I'm so glad you don't think Cottleston Pie will be a terrible matter to overcome legally.
Elisabeth: Great Scot. There is a reason I love you so much. Your knowledge is unsurpassed and I lean on you so much for all these technical questions. Also, you support my use of the word "blent" and we can't help but love you for that, can we?

Katherine S. Cole said...

Delightful. XD It is so fun to hear you! (And your fake British accent was lovely. XD) I look forward to more! :)

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

I can't believe you don't think your Cottleston Pie illustration was book-worthy. Of course, you are the author and far be it from me to override your expectations, but I thought the picture you drew was absolutely fabulous and SHOULD go in a book somewhere.

Also, I think "blent" should be a word.

Rachel Heffington said...

Katherine Sophia and Esther, so glad you enjoyed it and that you support by British accent and the word "blent". ;)

Unknown said...

Love the vlog! I seriously need to watch "Our Mutual Friend" someone else was just talking to me about it today.