Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Thousand Baby Lobster For The Salad

In the wake of the Five Glass Slippers blog tour, I have been laughing to myself over some of the songs from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella that were edited out for the current Broadway edition. In fact, I love their Cinderella musical so much that I wanted the soundtrack to be my contribution for the giveaway but it was a bit too expensive for that. Sorry, people! Instead, today I'm posting the lyrics and video to one of the funniest. (Sorry in advance to Mirriam Neal who will find this just as addicting as "The Stepsisters' Lament")
Servant: I have the chef and steward waiting outside to report their plans for the dinner.

King: Come in, gentlemen.

Steward: Your majesties
Your majesties,
A list of the bare necessities

King: a list of the bare necessities for what?

Queen: For seventeen-hundred guests.

King: That seems a lot.
Oh. Don't have any Chicken King.
I hate to see that on a menu ... "Chicken King". Seems like a criticism of my courage!

Queen: A thousand baby lobster for the salad

King: Wow!

Queen: And five-hundred pheasant for the pie

King: Aye-Yi!

Queen: A thousand pounds of caviar ...

King: A thousand?!

Queen: Hush.

King: That's more than the sturgeon can supply.

Chef: I told the steward to get us forty acres of lettuce and six-hundred suckling pigs for roasting.

King: But what about the marshmallows?

Queen: Who wants marshmallows?

King: I do.

Queen: Why?

King: For toasting.

Steward: Now would it please your majesties I have a list of wines.
The best of all the vintages from every nation's vines.

King: I want the wine of my country.

Queen: Hush, my dear.

King: I want the wine of my country, I want the wine of my country, I want the wine of my country! The wine of my country is beer.

Queen: Obviously.

Also, because I think laughing at oneself frequently is the best way to insure a healthy opinion of oneself ... I'm sharing this lip-syncing video my sisters and I did for our (quite single) Valentine's Day. Go ahead and laugh ... it was meant to be funny and the song is just terribly wonderful for letting off steam. :D

Well. Now I suppose you know how I got The Windy Side of Care ... I always do favor the whirligig varieties of things!


Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Oh, I remember that one. They cut it out of the revival?! How is that possible? It was one of my favorite funny scenes from the original version. Incidentally, did you know that the actors who played the King and Queen in the original, Howard Lindsay and Dorothy Stickney, were married in real life? They also played Father and Mother in the original Broadway production of Life With Father, which Lindsay co-wrote (he co-wrote the book of The Sound of Music too).

Hayden said...

I love the Broadway soundtrack, but I was disappointed with the things they cut out...mostly in the Prince is Giving a Ball (and the fact that they cut out the king and queen, too!)

Thanks for posting these great lines ;)

Emily Chapman said...

M'kay, that video was perfectly adorable. Did I ever mention you're adorable? Probably did, but it's worth mentioning again.

You and your sisters did a fabulous job lip-syncing. ^.^

But now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head... ;)