Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Pit-Pat Waddle-Pat"

Ever written something in a fit of genius that lasts with you for ages and ages and will probably still run through your head at random till you are old and senile?

"In rubber boots you're free to wade
Through puddle and through creek;
In rubbers you're invincible,
Excepting when they leak."

That's this little quatrain for me. <3


Kendra E. Ardnek said...

Mm yes. Mine is:

I'm just a little piece of spaghetti,
Running away from a Yeti.
I'm as scared as can be,
And I'm trying to flee,
'Cause I'm just a little piece of spaghetti.

Carmel Elizabeth said...

This is adorable. :) Mine is:

The house is clean.
The house is dirty.
The house is clean.
The house is dirty.
That's how it is.

Written when I was 6 or so, of course. Simplicity is key, right? ;)

Jenny Freitag said...

And now I want a pair of Hunter wellies.

Mine is - well, you know mine.

Sleep, sleep, my baby,
And when you wake
I'll give you a little black pony
With a coat of night
And eyes of dragon-fire;
With the wind as its sire.
Sleep, sleep, my baby.

Rachel Heffington said...

I know it and I love it, and I want to know how to sing it. <3

Jenny Freitag said...

Well, I would sing it for you, but I feel I'm quite bad at it... Perhaps I'll record myself and throw it at you and shut my eyes because you'll probably like it anyway because you're nice like that.