Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{Just For Fun} 9 Gifts for You or Your Writing Friends!

It just struck me today, that sometimes we need a bit of spoiling. Why did I just think of this today? Well, last week I spoiled myself by buying P.G. Wodehouse: A Life in Letters in hardback. It came yesterday. Already a fascinating book and I'm so glad I splurged the fifteen dollars to buy it and ship it to myself. Now and then you ought to spend some of that coffee-money on something a bit more lasting. Today I've rummaged up a few spoilings under $10 that you might be interested in lavishing on yourself or another writer-friend. :)

This gilded filigree journal from The Victorian Trading Co. is on clearance for $6.99.

Hand-stamped key-chain from Michelle Mach is  $10.00

Book Quote necklace from SilverRapture for $9.00

Writer's Pen necklace from MonsterBrand for $10.00

Word Geek upcycled bobby pins from PigseyArt at $10.00

Bwahahahaah. This pin is available from geektuary for $1.88

A vintage pink typewriter iPhone case? Apparently it exists from familycase for $9.99

Ummmm, now I want a guy writing-friend to whom I can give these type cuff links from thatsreallyclassic at only $9.90!

Well that was fun! Now I am going to run off and focus on my work for the afternoon: beginning the rewrite for Anon, Sir, Anon in preparation for sending it out to beta-readers! Hold your breath they like it.... ;)


Sarah Cnossen said...

These gifts are beautiful! I especially love the first journal. :]

And your new design is lovely! Absolutely adorable! Where did the little hedgehog come from? Love it! ;D

Grace said...

Such classy gifts! I especially like the key-chain, & the "League of Evil British Writers" pin. Maybe I'm not British, and my British accent is fake, but I can dream, right?

Thanks for sharing these. :-D

Unknown said...

These are all beautiful gifts...I would love any of the journals or jewelry pieces. :-) Very fun post, m'dear.

Anonymous said...

LOVE these! Now I wish I had an iPod/iPhone for that adorable case! I have yet to find a shirt/hoodie that says, "I'd Rather Be Writing" but that'd be my ideal writerly gift.

She Will Move Mountains said...

Must. Spoil. Thine. Self. *spoilers*