Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Icing on my Cake

"You are the icing on my cake, you are the smile I can't replace,
You are, you are.
The way you smile, the way you laugh,
The way I can't help but catch your joy, your joy..."
//icing by charity vance//

Today I made 3096 words. Not as much as yesterday, but then again, I woke up early and my computer monitor would not work. For like...half an hour... I sat on the floor plugging and unplugging it and hoping it would work before I finally escaped to the downstairs and a very messy Dad's Office to write my dose. Also, it was some tough material (mystery endings and the like.) I picked up my contacts from Walmart (good heavens, that has been a heck of a mess) and they're still not quite right...but almost. They are wearable. Then my cousin Matthew, who is a photographer, took me to the Cultural Arts center where we shot some photos of my new pink trench-coat so I can do a review for eShakti on my other blog. Matthew is the guy with whom it always appears I'm flirting,. He's a cousin. We are close. I'm not always writing, darlings. That picture above pretty much encapsulates me. You have my permission to study it. Also, I have discovered that my spy-face (made up of laughter, sass, and my cousin staring at me with his camera) pretty much looks exactly like a winky emoticon:



Likeness? I think so.

Also, I have rearranged the pages so that they are clickable. Thanks for all the input on the new design. I like making things comfy for my readership. Well, my eyes are tired from staring at my computer screen with these banged contacts, so I'm off. Cheers and may tomorrow be a productive day of writing as well!


Rosamund Gregory said...

THAT COAT! I wants it. Please? Please? Okay, well, it is absolutely adorable on you. And that first picture is immensely sublime.

(You know, relatives are so dangerous. Everyone seems to think that life is a Greek tragedy; how many friends have been asked how their boyfriend (cough--brother--cough) is doing!)

Unknown said...

Oh, these pictures are soooo darling!!! What a lovely coat. :)

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

I LOVE these pictures. :)

Emily Chapman said...

You're so adorable. ^.^

Unknown said...

Meh. You're adorable. :-)