Friday, March 7, 2014

Cry of Hope: a brand new novel from Emily Chapman

Hullo, everyone! Those who have been lurking around the blog for a while might have noticed that there's a vivacious, charming girl named Emily Chapman who comments and participates and generally makes life fun and interesting here at The Inkpen Authoress. Well, this young lady has been quizzing me for some time about independent publishing, watching the progress of Fly Away Home, and finally told me that she is just releasing her debut novel, Cry of Hope!

Beautimous cover. I love the hair.

When a voyage to the New World is thrust upon young, unwilling Hope Ellison, her carefully built ideals begin to slip from her grasp. Clinging to the tattered shards of her once contented life, she embarks on the perilous journey with her family, caring not for the reason they are taking such risks in the first place and fearing the fate for her future. Yet, even her fears are unprepared for the trials ahead, and soon she comes face to face with choices that will define her view of life entirely.
You can purchase Cry of Hope on Amazon by following this link. But not only is this an announcement of a beautiful new book by a fabulous new author, Emily has come with a guest post and a blog "scavanger hunt"! (there is a code and the link to the next blog at the bottom). Also, there is a change to win Without further ado:

By Emily Chapman
When a person is hungry, one naturally heads for a bag of chips or a cookie. Unless you are a vegetarian. Then you would eat bacon. Anyhow, if you were hungry, you would probably eat some potato chips or something else to satisfy your cravings. I know I would. It seems most logical, doesn't it? Well, I am here to inform you otherwise. My friends, I introduce . . . the banana.
The banana is no ordinary fruit. It is yellow on the outside and creamy-gold on the inside. It is shaped like a crescent moon, which is always appealing to the many dreamers in the world. It works as a telephone, as anyone with a childhood knows, and it is great to hold when you want to hold something. All in all, it is a fantastically shaped fruit.
However, we are not speaking entirely of its shape. We are also speaking of its nutritional aspects, which tends to be of importance to most formerly or currently homeschooled beings who grew up in a family that generally crawls with children ranging from nineteen to zero and eats gluten-free food religiously. It's nutritional aspects are . . . well, they are astounding, to be quite honest. I was astonished—shocked, really—to discover that bananas are healthy. Through the most unlikely turn of events, it turns out that bananas contain high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into seratonin. Obviously. It is high in potassium and low in salt, which actually protects against heart attacks and strokes, and it lowers blood pressure. Now because these facts may or may not convince you to eat bananas, I shall tell you that bananas also assist your digestion, chelate toxins from your body, prevent kidney cancer, make you smarter, protect you from chronic diseases, lower body temperature, improve your mood, conteract calcium loss, remove warts, and can actually fly you to the moon.
The thing to keep in mind, however, is that you must be intensely cautious when selecting the banana of your choice. A bunch of bananas may certainly look tempting, but after much observation, you may discover they are . . . well, they may be green. This may mean nothing to your funny little brains, but in truth, that small detail can have dire consequences. What I mean to say is that the banana may not be ripe, which further indicates that it is unripe. However, with a simple eye of understanding, you should have little trouble choosing a golden-yellow banana . . . a healthful snack to brighten your day.
Which now proves my entire point. If you are plagued with Writer's Block, write about bananas or other nonsensical notions. You should leave quite satisfied with your work, prepared to take on even darker challenges.

Emily Chapman is a homeschooled student living with her parents and four siblings in the southeastern United States. With a thirst for stories and creativity, she not only writes, but enjoys exercising her imagination through dance and photography. She believes in running through sprinklers in the summertime, watching the Andy Griffith show, listening to country music, and traversing to Narnia. But above all, she is saved through faith by the Son of the Creator and is adopted into God's family of beautiful souls.

 I would always rather be happy than dignified.

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