Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Treasure Hunt: Bits of Me Inside The Book

Whenever my family gets a new movie on DVD, we love to watch the behind-the-scenes clips, the making-of, and the directors' commentaries. I mean, really: is there anything cooler than getting to climb inside the director's creativity for an hour or two? We got so good at this a few years back that we could quote (word for word) the blooper real for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Not kidding. When Daniel bought me the first Hobbit movie for my birthday last summer, I was probably more happy about the extras and vlogs than I was about the actual film.

Now you know this useless thing about me.

Maybe you like to get behind the scenes as well? Today I'm going to give you a chance to do just that! Below I have listed ten "Easter eggs" inside Fly Away Home for you to find when you read the book. Copy off this list and keep it with you while you read...when you've found them all, email me at and I will add your names to a growing list of the successful-seekers here on the blog!

  1. My birthday. I was born on July 20th. This might be a slightly tricky one to find, but I promise it is in there.
  2. The inspiration for printing the book matte. Keep your eyes open for this one!
  3. My typewriter. Callie owns a certain kind of typewriter and recently I was given one of the same brand. (though after Callie's came into existence) Which brand is it?
  4. My three favorite detective/mystery-writers. I mention three in the course of the story...who are they?
  5. How I eat my ice-cream, otherwise known as "cooker-baker". Enough said.
  6. My favorite author for "pleasure" reading. My taste in casual literature is given via Mr. Barnett.
  7. One of my dream-dresses. What color is it? The dress is the only outfit described twice in the book and I'm not certain I'd look good in it. (Which is why it's a dream dress)
  8. My favorite "vintage" song. You'll know it when you read it and many of you could already hazard a guess.
  9. The languages in which I am fluent. I match Callie on this one. (Plus "ubbi-dubbi" which probably wasn't present in the 50's.)
  10. The perfume my grandmother wore in her glory days. Look out for Nalia's perfume and you'll have the answer!  

I can't wait for you to have the book in your hands and find all ten "bits of me" in Fly Away Home. Those of you who have ordered your books already should be able to begin soon so the rest of you: hurry and get your copy so you can play along! 

Today I'm more than excited to be over for an interview at Sarah Sundin's Blog and guest-posting about not having a dating-game mentality with your novels at Safirewriter! Come visit and leave both the wonderful hostesses a comment or two. :)

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