Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Women Behind The Mask

Hello everyone! Today is the very last day of the Fly Away Home debut party. Tomorrow, the Rafflecopter will choose one winner for the two signed copies of the book, so if you haven't entered or know someone who wants to enter, tell them they have till midnight! Anna will also be drawing a winner for the Fire & Ice lipstick so there is still time to enter for that if you want it.

Yesterday, I gave you a treasure-hunt list of "backstage" things you can find in Fly Away Home. Today, I thought it might amuse you to hear what some of your fellow writers do in their day-to-day life when not writing. We aren't all Augustus Fawnhopes here (thank God) and we do have lives. So what do those lives look like? It might amuse you to know that several other writers (besides me) have blogs dedicated to the daily grind and having nothing to do with writing. What does Rachel look like without her pen? What does Jenny do besides read and write? Here, I've tried to answer those questions...

Jenny is a fashionista in her spare-time. I bet many of you didn't know she's a past-master in the art of making a messy bun, wearing high-heels, and flaunting huge pink tote bags while grocery shopping. She spills all these secrets and more at Adonis Ephemeral. (plus, wouldja take at a look at that ring? It's enormous and gorgeous.)

Katie of ye old Whisperings of the Pen is actually a gorgeous collegiate headed to Ireland (!!!!!) and blogs about the sweetest things in life, her experiences in theatre, how to do flawless makeup, her family, and much more at Gingham Girl  .

And me. What do I do in my spare time? Oh gee. I put on spontaneous Broadway revivals with my sisters, blog at A Butcher, A Baker, A Candlestick Maker,  (my personal blog) and at Two's Company (the blog I share with Sarah) and work part time as a landscaper, besides juggling the normal things required of a Large Family. It's a crazy life, but a fun one. On BBCM, I've been on a fashion blogging kick as well as period dramas. Funny combo, but there it is. If you care to stop by for a visit, we have jolly good times, we writers-turned-modistas.

But now returning to the business of the Fly Away Home debut party: Today I'm chatting about why on earth I chose indie publishing with Bree Holloway, and later on will be at Whisperings of the Pen with a guest post! See you there and don't forget to enter the giveaway so you don't miss your chance. :)

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