Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Windy Side of Care! {It won}

Yesterday morning, after several months of waiting for the Day of Judgement for Anne Elisabeth Stengl's Five Glass Slippers contest, I discovered that The Windy Side of Care had won a place in the anthology! You know how surprised I am. I know so many excellent writers who entered this contest; when my Australian friend, Joy, awakened me with a FB message all in capslock proclaiming my win, I had some time believing it wasn't an extension of the dream I had just pulled myself out of in which I had barely squeezed onto the winners list. Subsequent congratulations from friends and re-checking of the announcement showed that my story had, indeed, been chosen. Crikey. Rooglewood Press is going to publish the anthology this June, as they said in the official announcement.

I am so thrilled and astonished and ever so slightly puzzled that I won. I knew I liked Alis and Auguste but my taste runs contrary to so many other peoples' in these things that I doubted it would last to the final round. Well. Apparently it did and now my Spring shall be extra busy with all the revisions and edits to make. I am looking forward to the challenge of working with real editors/proof-readers/publishers. It is going to be a push and a shove but I expect to learn so much. Also, getting to work with Anne Elisabeth Stengl on a project is an honor itself. This is entirely useless information, but as it turns out, my name (and thus story) is smack in the middle of the other winners since they arranged it in alphabetical order. This makes me happy; I don't find being out in the front of the pack quite terribly comfortable. :)

Thanks to the unexpected win, this means that when you have purchased and read (and hopefully loved) Fly Away Home, there will be another little dose of "me" ready for you by June! My little career is taking off to a busy start and I find myself feeling professional, breathless, and a little confused at the sheen of it. I know there were many excellent stories that did not make it into the collection, and to these authors, I still say congratulations: you had the courage, talent, and determination to actually re-tell the story of Cinderella in a multitude of ways and that is a success no matter how you view it. If it had been any of you instead of me, I would have been equally thrilled. We're in this business together, we writers. I can't wait to work with the other four authors on polishing this collection for your reading pleasure!

Also, rumor has it that Anne Elisabeth will be hosting another similar contest and has promised the cover will be even more delightful than the gorgeous one above. (!) Here's to second chances! My friend Meghan and I are praying that she chooses "Beauty and the Beast" is my very favorite fairy-tale. On a random note, I have a fancy to come down the aisle to "Beauty and the Beast" on my all-elusive wedding day...let us see what I fiance thinks of that idea. ;)

Cheers, everyone! My mind is full of Cinderella...wonder where I could get a pair of glass slippers?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! :D

Chloe M. Kookogey said...

Oh Rachel, I was so excited when I found out you won. To see The Windy Side of Care in a printed collection, to see your published, authorly name on not one cover, but two — what a nerve-wracking and exciting bundle life is!

On a different note, I rather like the idea of Beauty and the Beast as the next theme, especially since one of my "in the wings" novels was inspired by it. The tale has been one of my favorites for my whole life.

Long live the stories that have entranced us for eternity. ^.^

Kirsten Fichter said...

I think I let loose a "SQUEE" when I saw Megan's pin on Pinterest yesterday, the all-famous Cinderella winning pin WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!!! I was soooo excited! For you, of course, because you, RACHEL HEFFINGTON, won!!! My friend Rachel! AHHHH!!

And yes, I was excited for me, too, because this means now I *have* to buy this book when it comes out so I can read your marvelous story. :D

But CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You totally deserved this, Rachel! You're an awesome writer!!

Sufferin' cats... I'm dangerous with caps lock.

Éowyn said...

I am so thrilled for you, Rachel! I can hardly wait to read it. And I agree that Beauty and the Beast would be lovely to have in a wedding!

Emily Chapman said...

This... this is unbelievably exciting. I randomly got on Anne Elisabeth's blog in the middle of the night last night and I saw that she had announced the winners and then saw that you were one of the winners and I got really excited and the cover is so beautiful...!


Congratulations, Rachel-darlin'! It's so exciting knowing that TWO of your stories are coming out within a few months of each other! All the best with the editing and such. :)

- em -

Anne-girl said...

Oh my dear Jeeves I am so happy and not one tiny bit surprised. I loved loved loved it when I read it it and gah! Just sort of having a little John-Chivery-and-his-keys-party over here

Rachel Heffington said...

Thank you, everyone. You are darlings. I can't wait to read the collection either: four more never-before-told retellings to enjoy! I can't wait to see what the other ladies came up with. :)

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

Hurray!!!! I knew you'd win a spot in this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Rossano said...

Congratulations!!! :) I love Beauty and the Beast as well. :)