Friday, February 7, 2014

One Week More!

In exactly one week, Fly Away Home will be available for purchase! I'm getting rather excited and I know you are too, so cheers for that. I don't know what I expected would happen when my "career" finally got going, but I find that if I had the leisure, I could definitely make it a full-time job. By that, I mean hours-wise; I am not naive enough to suppose I'll make enough money with which to support myself. My days have shaken down into a fairly predictable pattern, which is good:

I set my alarm for 7:00 (working my way down to 6:30 but it's still so dark I haven't the heart to leave my bed) then get up, read my Bible, work out, shower and then head downstairs for breakfast, family devotions, and chores. My writing works starts when the family responsibilities are done and continues till lunch which is around one o'clock; we have lunch and more chores and then I head back up for more work till three o'clock or so when I fold my computer in relief and pick up a book (reading through Eric Mextaxas biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer) or go for a walk, reply to letters or generally emerge from the Lair. By five, I join the rest of the house in cleaning up from the school day and start making dinner; the evening is for family activities and relaxation.

"Work", of course, is dictated by changing things; sometimes I'll have interviews to fill out, guest posts to write, or bloggers to query about these things. Other times I will need to reply to emails, work on my own blogging, research, or catch up on other writing blogs. And of course there is the subject of actual writing which I find essential to being a writer.

Anon, Sir, Anon is nearing the 30,000 word mark which doesn't seem like a lot, I know. For me, however, it is quite satisfactory, as I had to give up The Baby in confusion after only 21,000, hoping to rework it in the future. I have fed the book so far in installments to a friend who appeared to find my chapter endings cliff-hanging enough to keep asking for the next bit rather incessantly. Unfortunately, she has nibbled through all ten of the finished chapters which means I need to keep at it if I'm to avoid having myself assassinated. Her reactions so far, though, have been satisfactory, so all is well. I let quite a few people read Fly Away Home to help me get it ready for publication, but because Anon, Sir, Anon is a mystery, I am going to keep the circle of beta-readers very small. "Keep it secret, keep it safe." I don't want to spoil the mystery for my readers. Believe me, it'll be for your own good!

What is up in your writing life? New projects? Difficulties? I want to hear about them. I love a good row.


Jack said...

I am so so excited for Fly Away Home! I've started to count down dates.

You seem to have a nice system set up. I am still working on mine, it is hard to get it balanced with other jobs and school, but it is so nice to get things written - as I am sure you know.

Morgan said...

Haha! *blushes guiltily* Well I can't help it if you leave me wanting more!:)

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

I may retract this statement one day, but I think I'd rather have a beta-reader pestering me for more than be wandering around the house feebly waving a completed manuscript, trying to find a reader (I may or may not have done this).

I'm still working on The Summer Country, but my pace has slowed to a crawl, ironically, in some of the most important (and my favorite) chapters. To keep from getting edgy over this I edited a short story the other night. And today while eating lunch I fell to speculating on what topic you might choose for February's Chatterbox...and the upshot of that was that I spent my afternoon writing 2000 words of a spinoff/backstory scene for Based on a True Story that will probably never see the light of day unless it's on my blog. So that was unexpected. :)

Emily Chapman said...

I can't wait! ^.^

Rachel Rossano said...

Can't wait. :)

Rachel Heffington said...

I am pleased I am not the only one excited! {that is rather the idea.}
Elisabeth, I hate this stuck moments when you know what needs to happen but it just won't come. :P