Saturday, February 22, 2014

In Which the Lair Fades

1944-The American Way-by Norman Rockwell | Flickr - Photo Sharing!I wanted to alert you that in honor of celebrating a week of "public" life, the Kindle version of Fly Away Home is going to be on sale for $2.99 during its second week of life! That means that from now till February 28 it will only cost $2.99 to pick up a copy. If you didn't win the giveaway for the print copies and would like to read Fly Away Home, now's the perfect time. As much as I love that book, there have been large upheavals and strides forward in writing Anon, Sir, Anon, and I am so excited to be able to get back to talking about it more. I've been keeping a steady pace of about 1500 words a day which means that the book is over halfway finished at 36,505 words. It was never meant to be a terribly long book and I expect it'll wrap up around 60,000 words all told. I've had such fun creating the characters in this story and giving them all sorts of lovely complexities. Also, this is the first book I've actually put physical danger in...which is kind of fun to write, actually. Naturally, there were some battle scenes in The Scarlet Gypsy-Song, but hardly a lot and admittedly not terribly gripping. My characters seem to face emotional crises rather than physical ones most of the time. Courtesy of living in civilized places, I suppose.

I know I'm keeping a bit more tight-fisted over this story than the others--naturally. It's a mystery and I can't have spoilers running all round the web, can I? I will say, though, that all the characters have surprised me so far. Everyone seems to want to be connected to everyone else in ways I certainly never planned. It makes accusations nasty. It makes everyone suspect. It makes the mystery complicated. I'm hoping to limit my beta-readers to only four people. Jenny would laugh and say that's still too many, but I'm trying. Fly Away Home took so long in coming to actual published life that many of you have already read it. And that's okay. As a debut novel, it needed help from many angles. But I am going to be particular in this story and I need to keep the "inner circle" rather small. More changes are also afoot in the family. Children will grow up and need spreading-out space. This means that my Lair will soon become a bedroom for the little girls. Where am I going? Well, once I say goodbye to my Westward-facing window and the temporary luxury of having a room to oneself, we're rearranging our bedroom so that I get the corner near the window for an office area. I think it will work out rather nicely and I'm excited to share pictures once the transition is made. I will be needing a new name for it, though. This is the Lair and though it was short-lived, it served me well. When Wyatt Fairlead left home, he called his rented room "The Crevice" since it was the only clean spot in the entire building...I am going to need to come up with something sunny and cozy for the new place. I remind myself that it is practically unheard of for any author to have an entire room in her family's house strictly for her own benefit, and I don't really need all the room the Lair provides. It will work out well...I just need to be clever with consolidating two bookcases into one.

Well! Here's to a weekend of the Fly Away Home sale, cleaning, springlike temperatures, and trying to finish Eric Metaxa's Bonhoeffer! Between reading Bonhoeffer and hearing about the Ukrainian Crisis, my dreams have been rather strange. Last night I was an Army officer under Benedict Cumberbatch's command, scrambling children into darkened rooms as RAF officer Martin Freeman bombed our tactical school. It was rather heady.

“I know you don’t like me, Vivi, but we could have made shift of it, you and I.”


Rachel Rossano said...

I am quite jealous you get a corner. ;) Have you considered calling it, ,Haven? Enjoy the move. :)

Rachel Heffington said...

I haven't considered calling it "Haven"...we shall see what sort of corner it ends up becoming; it might need something less elegant, more delightfully squished.

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

Excited to see how your corner turns out and hoping you can still paste things on the wall over your "office".
Your dream made me chuckle -- I've been there a few times myself.

Unknown said...

So excited about the mystery, it sounds delightful! I finished "Fly Away Home" on Friday. I loved it, and the connection with Wade Barnett and Callie surprised me.

At the risk of sounding terribly stupid.. who is Wyatt Fairlead? Is he a fictional character? If so, what book is he in?

Love your blog,
Madd Rose

Rachel Heffington said...

Maddie Rose: I am so incredibly glad you loved Fly Away Home! If you don't mind me asking, what was your favorite part? (if it's a spoiler, you needn't tell)
Wyatt Fairlead is actually a friend of mine whom I've mentioned a time or two around here. But in the context, I can entirely see how you'd think him a character. :)