Monday, February 17, 2014

{Fly Away Home Party} "Do you wanna hide a body?"

It's Monday: the first Monday after I've become a professional authoress! I might sound a little ridiculous, chalking up all these "firsts" but for heaven's sake: what do we live for but to make sport for our neighbors and to laugh at them in our turn? Besides: the key to living well is always taking a simple, childlike joy in little things, right? Little things like Mondays.

Thanks to everyone who has made this Fly Away Home blog party/tour such a success already! We still have half of it to come so the festivities are by no means finished! There are still several days left in which to win two signed copies of Fly Away Home. I would love to hit one thousand entries: we're halfway there, halfway through the blog party so keep spreading the word and see if we make it! I am so glad so many of you enjoyed the makeup tutorial: 50's glam is my thing.
Another thank you goes to those of you who have purchased copies of my book as well as those of you who have reviewed it! No one wants to hear that I like my book; it is those of you who take time to post reviews on your blogs, on Amazon, on Goodreads, and other places who actually make the sales. You're the best. <3

If you don't win the signed copy(ies) of Fly Away Home in this giveaway, remember that Leah Good is giving away a copy on her blog. If all else fails and you don't have funds for a paperback copy, the e-book copy is only $3.99 on Amazon! Less than a Starbucks drink and I promise Fly Away Home won't thicken your waistline, support Planned Parenthood, or give you a higher chance of diabetes.

Today in the blog party, I'm stopping at Homeschool Authors for an interview! 

And, in celebration of being busy today writing a mystery, have a laugh:


Rosamund Gregory said...

Hurray! I'm soooo glad it won't support Planned Parenthood, because that means it can be bought, as soon as I have money that isn't being used for pilgrimages! Congratulations on its publication.

Sarah Cnossen said...

Hello, Rachel! I love your blog! Your posts are so refreshing and hilarious--a good combination! I LOVE Frozen! That little parody :D

By the way, I've awarded you on my blog! (

Again, congrats on publication!