Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{Voila!} The Cover-Reveal at Last!

All right, everyone! I know many of you have been wanting to see the cover of Fly Away Home - goodness knows I've talked enough about it - but I do think that the best spice is hunger and the best way to interest a person is to be just a little mysterious.

The mystery of the cover is finished now and the Cover Reveal Party can begin! We are going to have a giveaway, a tag, a post from St. Rachel (the cover-designer), and more! Not to mention the revealing of the cover itself. That being said...

(I feel like I ought to make you cover your eyes.)


I suppose I can't do that....

After long days of waiting, lots of excitement, and more than a few she is:

Didn't Rachel Rossano do an amazing job? I love how she listened to my initial lecture on what I wanted, looked at the mock-up Bree Holloway did for me, and brought this cover out of the muck and mire. Seriously, everyone. If you need a cover designer, please consider Rachel for the job - not only does she do good work, she's a dream to work with.
"A party without cake is just a meeting"
-Julia Childs
I'm sorry I can't offer you cake (since I agree with the Queen of Cookery) but I can offer you a giveaway. What kind of giveaway? Well....

A Fly Away Home-themed "Coziness" package! 

I know it has been awfully cold all across the country and there is more of Winter to come. (aren't you thankful for authors who release books "in the bleak mid-winter?" ;) This care-package has all the elements to make a winter evening perfect.

1.) Hazelnuts & Dark Chocolate bar
2.) Posh Stationery
3.) Nickleby Mug
4.) Tea, Charlotte 

 1.) This thing is like deconstructed Nutella, and is what fuels me while in a deep round of editing.
2.)  I really think this requires little explanation. It's posh paper, perfect for a letter to a guy or girl. Ooh la la.
3.)  This is the best bit. Perhaps you'll understand it better after you've read Fly Away Home, but Nickleby is Callie's black cat with whom she makes all decisions and carries on elaborate conversations. The mug says "What Would Nickleby Say?" and will probably be quite useful in making your own decisions. At any rate, it's adorable and hand-made and (so far) one-of-a-kind.
4.)  That is certainly self-explanatory. Bigelow Earl Grey Tea which, while not rare, is worth-while.

This is a relatively short giveaway so please enter as soon as you can to insure you have a chance! I will be drawing a winner this Saturday, January 18th! 
Ready to enter?

Thanks a million to my cover-reveal participants!

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Remember, you can add the book on Goodreads here
It will be available for purchase in just under a month!


ScribblerofThings said...

The cover looks amazing! Congrats!

Rachel Rossano said...

You were a joy to work with too, Rachel. :)

Anne-girl said...

I open my dashboard and it is filled with cover reveal posts! Congratulations Rachel! This has always been my favorite of the works you've talked about on your blog and I can't wait to read a physical copy! Also the mug is beyond cute.

Lady Bibliophile said...

Congratulations, Rachel, on a new book crossing the finish line! It's very exciting to see another new author out and published. :) I especially love the city sky-line on the cover; I think it ties the elements together beautifully, and it hints at what the setting and plot pace will be like.

I haven't read a lot of historical romances, but I've been a long-time anonymous follower of your blog, and I enjoy your writing. I look forward to reading Fly Away Home, hopefully in the not-too-distant future! :)


P.S. And I am quite intrigued by your new mystery as well. :)

Livia Rachelle said...

My dashboard was full of cover announcements too, haha.
Your giveaway has adorable items; all perfectly cozy and bookish.
Will your book be available in e-book or rental form?

Livia Rachelle said...

Oops, I didn't see the questions for the comment. The cityscape (I like this word) is the most interesting part of the cover. Several Rosemary Sutcliff books are collectively my favorite historical fiction (if you wish to read them be sure to ask some one about them on a title by title basis because while some are wonderful other ones have quite horrible things in them).

Emily Chapman said...

I can't wait to read it! And the cover is beautiful! :)

- em -

P.s. THANK YOU for the email, m'dear! It was quite a help to me! :)

Cosette Holmes said...

ooo! i really like the cover :D i am sooo excited for this book!

Emily Chapman said...

And the questions!

I agree with Livia Rachelle. The cityscape is definitely the most interesting part of the cover (in a good way, of course). And I like how the font matches the cityscape feel.

My favorite historical romance... oh, what a difficult question! Does 'Little Women' count? Eh, probably not. I liked 'Interrupted' by Rachel Coker, though... and I stayed up half the night finishing 'An Old Fashioned Girl'. While I wouldn't count it as one of my favorite books, that fact must certainly be taken into account, yes?

But if we must say my favorite historical romance, I believe I have to say 'Anne of the Island'. Just 'cause.

But I will be kicking myself if I think of a different book I like better after I post this comment. Ho hum.

Julia said...

GAHHH I'm so excited for you, Rachel-dear. I've already told you my favorite things about the cover... ;) And my fave historical romance? THAT is a toughie. Ummm... The books by Lawana Blackwell spring to mind, as does Pride and Prejudice... hey, it's a romance, and it's historical, right? :D

Hugs & Love - and...

Unknown said...

I'm really excited to read this because a book just becomes so much more personal when you know the author! And Rachel, I love the cover <3!! As for my favorite historical romance, that would definitely be The Count of Monte Cristo :D

Chloe M. Kookogey said...

It was too much fun logging into Blogger this morning and seeing the veritable explosion of Fly Away Home covers on my dashboard. ^.^ I think I like the cityscape on the cover best, although Callie is also lovely. Congratulations, m'dear — I can't wait to hold a physical copy of your work in my hands at long last!

If The Scarlet Pimpernel counts as a historical romance (and it should), I'll take that for my answer.

Anonymous said...

I love the expression on Callie's facea. It's just so very...Callieish! And my favorite historical romance novel...Fly Away Home. Not even a joke. I don't ever like historical romance novels.

Unknown said...

Oooh, Yay finally I get to see the cover! Looks amazing, like something that would catch my eye on the shelves of a book store! :)

Amber Holcomb said...

Rachel, this is gorgeous!! I seriously love how the black background makes the lights at the bottom stand out and spotlights the model's face, which just says it all. :) And that grayish-blue color of her eyes and the water, along with her red hair? Just beautiful. :)

Congratulations on the awesome cover - looking forward to reading the story!


P.S. And such a fun giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win. :)

Amber Holcomb said...

Oh, and there's another question, isn't there? ;) Oh goodness, too hard to pick a favorite historical romance! Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden is gut-wrenching, Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz is exquisite, and "The Legacy of the King's Pirates" series by MaryLu Tyndall is thrilling... And I could add plenty more. ;) Plus, you know I love to write historical romance, too!


Casey J. Coburn said...

My favorite thing about the cover would probably be how expertly blended the images are! :)

As for historical romance... I don't read many of those, so I don't actually know! :O

Megan E. said...

I love the cover!!! Ginger with retro waves? My thing. :) The best Christian romance fiction I've ever read would have to be the Shadowcreek Chronicles by T. Elizabeth Renich. And Earl Grey tea is a-may-zing!!! :)

Calista said...

Ooh, exciting! :D Congratulations! The cover is gorgeous.

Emily Ann Putzke said...

It's SO beautiful!! I love the blended images and the font for the title! I can't wait to read it!

Hannah said...

How exciting!

I like the way Callie is looking up; it fits the "Fly"ing in the title somehow.

I don't read much romance, and I'm not sure what counts as historical romance, but In Freedom's Cause is historical fiction with romance that I love.

Emily Ann Putzke said...

oh, and as for my favorite historical romances...I love the Anne of Green Gables series, Boston Jane Trilogy and Little Women!

Carmel Elizabeth said...

I love that Rachel took my measley little sketch and made this lovely cover! Props to her - she knows what she's doing. ;)

My favorite historical romance is most likely the tried-but-true Pride and Prejudice. I'm reading it en toto for the first time and re-appreciating Jane Austen's fabulous style!

Rebecca said...

Oh Rachel! It looks just marvelous! I know one ought not to judge a book by its cover, but this one makes me really, really want to read your book! Can't wait to purchase my copy! :) Congratulations my friend!

Becca Weston said...

The cover is lovely! It's interesting and gorgous. :)

My favorite part would the the cityscape, and the fact that it is all lighted up. I love city lights. :)

And I think my favorite historical romance would be Little Dorrit, or Emma. :)

Unknown said...

Wow! That is a lovely cover! And the book sounds wonderful, I added it on my Goodreads "to read" list. :)

Tabitha E. said...

Rachel dose such a wonderful job on covers!
I'm excited for you Inkpen Autheress , your first Novel!
Oo, that chocolate sounds to die for!

Tabitha E. said...

Rachel dose such a wonderful job on covers!
I'm excited for you Inkpen Autheress , your first Novel!
Oo, that chocolate sounds to die for!

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

I like the bottom half best - with the title and the authoress' name and the cityscape. But it wouldn't stand out so beautifully if it were not for the top half. And the top half is absolutely beautiful, too (I just tend to ignore it because I already have a mental image of Callie). Great cover!
I can't pick a favorite historical romance -- I haven't read very many, but I do like Janette Oke's. Does that count?

Sarah Sundin said...

Oh. My. That is gorgeous!!! You did an amazing job.

ashley tahg said...

oh my gosh the cover i just

i just adore everything about it.

its so pretty and clean and clear and i think i need to cry.

as for my favorite historical romance novel..does the novel have to be modernish? like...could I say 'Emma'?

Jack said...

I am so excited for this book! I love the cover, and it sounds like one I will really enjoy.

Morgan said...

I love the cover! I like the young woman portraying Callie and I like the city background. Favorite historic romance...hmmm... Probably To Have and To Hold, that holds a near and dear place in my heart:)

I loved reading the first draft of this book and I can't wait to have a hard (signed!:) copy in my hands!

Katie Wegner said...

It's Beautiful!!! Can't wait till we can actually read it!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, Rachel, it's beautiful!! *squeals and does a happy dance* ^.^ I can't tell you how excited I am for you! *happy grin*

Now... the questions;

I love everything about the cover in general, but I especially like how the model looks. She fits my idea of Callie almost perfectly. And her hair! O.O So pretty. =)

Well, I've not read many historical romances, however, out of the books that I HAVE read my favourites would be Jane Eyre, Rilla of Ingleside, The Blue Castle, and Fly Away Home. And I'm not just saying that to make you happy either, love. ;) =D


Rebecca said...

Goodness! How does one choose a favorite thing about the cover?? Can I just say I love the whole thing? :)

I don't read many historical romance novels but I would say that Barriers Burned Away by E. P. Roe is my favorite.

Congratulations on your book! I'm very happy for you! :)