Monday, December 23, 2013

I have something to announce:

I have hinted around for some time about changes that are going on, exciting projects I am in the midst of, news about my books, and several other things. Some have said that if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck, it probably is a duck. (unless it is a goose, in which case I think you're being over-particular.) In the same vein but in an altogether more refined way, you have probably put two and two together:

This winter I am striking off on my own as an Independent Publisher/Author. What this means is that I am starting my own imprint for my books and will be going through a printing/publishing company to bring my novels to your hands. This step was one I deliberated for quite some time. After prayer, long discussions with my writer-counselor-friends and family members, many mornings of thinking it through while washing dishes, and my general good sense, I have chosen Indie publishing as my route.
At first, I feared I was giving up - not pressing through to wait till a publisher accepted me. But my reasons for independent publishing were not that I was impatient and tired of working and waiting. I looked at my talents, my vision, my dreams, my style, and realized that I am never going to be one of those people whom an editor can tack down as their next what-have-you. I don't like being nailed to one genre. I write what I want to read, and if other people like it then hip-hip-hurrah. I love my little public but it has never been my vision to be world-famous author. I only seek to be well-loved, not famous. To write my books and bring my stories forward without someone else's opinion on "what's trendy" is my dream. Actually, I'm reminded of the character that inspired Mr. Barnett from my short-story, "How About Coffee?":
"I never asked for fame and fortune--I never sought it," he said. "I am a mere whim of these people: here today, gone tomorrow." He moved his fingers as if sprinkling chaff to the wind, then smiled. "Why should I care for the opinion of Society when society chose me itself? Let it raise me and lower me as it will. I am the same man it found me at the first."
That is the whole of my sentiments regarding why I am choosing independent publishing, and proud of it! For me and my books, I am confident this is the best method. That being stated, I am pleased to announce that Fly Away Home will be released Winter 2014 with a projected debut-date of Valentine's Day! Perfect release date for a romance, right? I have been working with cover-designer Rachel Rossano and we have been concocting something beautiful. Well, she has been concocting it. ;) I cannot wait to show you!

Over the next month or two this blog will be a mad hattery of celebration, updates, trivia, announcements, and generally wonderful things! February 2014 - mark that on your calendars and stay tuned for more information on the release of Fly Away Home!


Anonymous said...

Rachel, my dear, congratulations and many well wishes to you! You will be in my earnest thoughts and prayers as you begin this journey.

God bless you, friend! My wee blog is ever at your disposal for interviews/publicity/guest posts/whathaveyou. ^.^

Emily Chapman said...

HURRAH!!!! Many hugs and kisses and squeals of excitement are being tossed your way! I can't wait for this! When I read Winter 2014, I was like, "Ohh, practically a whole YEAR!" Then I kept reading and it said Valentine's Day and my sad blonde side finally connected with common sense and I got excited. ;) I shall be praying for you in this process, beautiful girl!

God bless!
- em -

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Hurray! I'm so excited for you! And I can't wait to read Fly Away Home. Are you going to be producing an ebook edition too?

And I definitely second what Katelyn said; I'll be happy to host you on my blog when the time comes to generate your publicity buzz. :)

Anonymous said...

*unleashes banshee-worthy scream*

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Oh, and by the way, I can set up a pre-release book page on Goodreads for you anytime you say the word!

Unknown said...

*squeal* Congratulations, Rachel! So excited for you as you pursue this grand adventure! If ever you need an editor, proofreader, or platform for a guest post, cover reveal, review, you can count on Inspiring Daring! :)

Arielle Melody Bailey said...

Congratulations!!!! This is exciting news! I look forward to the release of your book.

I applaud you for choosing indie publishing. The reasons you stated for your choice are some of the same reasons I plan on indie publishing when I'm ready to publish.

Maria said...


Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

Rachel, I am looking forward to reading it! Very excited!!!

Also, I would like to respond to Emily above and say I did the exact same thing with "Winter...Valentines Day".

And, Rachel, I would be honored to have you as a guest on my blog, too, if you are interested.

Rachel Hope said...

I am so happy for you ! I bet this was not a easy decision, but you like a true brave writer have chosen what if right for this moment. I cannot tell you how proud I am to see you do this, it makes me feel that if you can, than so can I and all the other crazy literary inclined young adults.
Blessings to you and merry christmas,
Rachel Hope

Rachel Heffington said...

Thank you for the encouragement and support, everyone! I shall certainly be in touch about cover-reveals, interviews, etc. You are sweeties!