Friday, November 8, 2013

November's Chatterbox

I am baaaaaaack people! We unfortunately lost the election by a two-percent vote and a Democrat-funded straw-man of a third-party candidate, but God's got it under control and somehow I'll suffer through Terry McAuliffe being governor. (Please excuse me while I throw up and then breathe into a paper bag, then hand it to Hillary Clinton) THAT being said, finally November can start for me! I know oodles of you have been doing NaNoWriMo and I have not, so you are very well-aware that it is November. Probably most of you don't even have time to read this post, but because Una asked if we were doing Chatterbox this month and because of course we are, I thought I'd post the next challenge!

The explanation of Chatterbox from the introductory post:
 Chatterbox is an event to help authors get to know their characters and stories better. I love to talk and I love to write dialog. Chatterbox is, essentially, an exercise in showing your character via the way he or she speaks. It's fun, it is sassy, it is simple. Each month I will assign a conversation topic and it will be your duty to write a conversation between several of your characters regarding whatever I topic I designated. Who knows? You might even end up with something you'll want to work into your real novel. When you are finished writing your post you will be able to link up with me here at The Inkpen Authoress and we'll have jolly larks reading the wide variety that springs out of the assigned topic.
To make sure that the widest variety of people can participate in Chatterbox this month (especially those of you doing NaNo) I am choosing a topic that generally comes up in pretty nearly every novel in some form or fashion. This month, your characters are going to talk about death.
 Death is a topic that is inherent to humanity and so it comes and clocks us in the face pretty regularly. Whether your MC is faced with death, or someone they are close to dies, whether they are the ones inflicting the death or whether they are discussing it, death is a prevalent. A good measure of how well you know your character is how well your know their philosophy and worldview. How would she react to the end of a gun-barrel? How would he react if his brother was killed in cold blood? How would they react if both of them were kidnapped and in danger every second their captor was around? How would she react if she was told she had a terminal illness, or what would he think of his father--his hero--slowing losing his mind from the senility of old age and becoming unable to advise him?

So....have at it, Chatterboxers. I hope you will be able to participate even through the hectic schedule you're keeping with NaNo! Best wishes for all you who are brave enough to sign up for that madness. ;) My November looks to be busy enough with editing TWSOC and starting Anon, Sir, Anon. Toodles!


Anonymous said...

Mine is extremely short, but there it is anyway.

Jenny Freitag said...

Here is my contribution, Rachel: The Tarot Smile. Thanks for the fun times!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this! Thank you so much.

Elizabeth said...

Here is mine!