Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Dear Chaps and Chappesses:
      I wanted to let you know that in order to more fully enjoy my family, the holidays, my life, and generally to step back from the mild insanity that has been my year so far, I am going to be taking a blogging/twitter/facebook hiatus for a month. I am still available via email (the one I will check most often is heirloomrosebud(at)gmail(dot)com) if you need me or have a question or business or simply miss me too too terribly much, hit me up over there. I will also schedule the next Chatterbox so that you can participate in that. Beyond these things, you won't be seeing  me so just know that I love my little readership and all the time I spend with you, but as much as I love you I need to step back and re-focus, re-learn what is most important in my life, and actually work at some things I have been lax with. When life gets too virtual it's a little scary. I feel like John and Sherlock:
Sherlock: "Not good?"
John: "Yeah...bit not good."
(And isn't it funny that Mirriam is currently in the depths of a book called "Disconnect"?) I love all of you but I haven't been spending enough quality time with the tangible people in my life and I don't want to miss the gobs of prospective time I have in the coming month. I am actually looking forward to having time to read, time to draw, time to sew, etc. -- all the things I am generally "too busy" for in my current schedule.I trust you won't be too lost without me--you're all big boys and girls and quite capable of going along as usual, I'm sure. I will be popping back in sometime around Christmas to say FOL-DE-ROL so be good until then and I'll see you mid-December!
              Much Fondness,


Becca Weston said...

what on earth are we all going to do without Rachel to help us along?!? *cue the wails of despair*

Okay, okay, I think we might understand, but we shall miss you terribly. :) Enjoy your break. (Without us.) :):)

btw, I think this would be a great time to inform you how much I enjoy this blog, and how it immensely amuses me. I am a huge fan of your writing style, and enjoy the snip-its of your various writings very much. Keep it up! (when you come back of course!)

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Aw, gee whiz, another one of my favorite blogs going offline for a while! Oh, well, maybe it'll help me spend a little less time online myself...goodness knows I always need a push to do that. :) Enjoy your break, and see you at Christmas!