Thursday, October 24, 2013

Utterly Baffled: A mysterious blog party!

First  of all, I wanted to announce that the winner of Elizabeth Ender's book, Ransomed, is Emily Chapman! Emily, I will send Elizabeth your email address and you two can discuss how best to get your prize to you. Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to Emily. Now we get to have fun and hjinks with the official start to my Utterly Baffled Blog Party. I have no official cut-off date for this party; it is a mystery! (Bwaha. Do you see what I did there? HoHO)

As I said in my Introductory Post , this party will be full of tips on writing mysteries, some of my favorite mystery authors, quotes, pictures, tips, a little bit of everything. Last night I sat down to make a prize for the giveaway....I very specifically wanted a really cool prize and I wanted it to be handmade in The Warren. You know how much fun it is to sit down and make something come out just right? Well that happened.

In a couple hours I had created a prize specifically for this giveaway that I know you will all be dying to win:

When inspiration is burning, you're writing like a fiend, and you're not quite certain you want people barging in, forget a "Do Not Disturb" sign; telling all and sundry "The game is afoot" is so much classier. Think about it: Shakespeare started the trend and Sherlock Holmes took it up. You can join in their footsteps with this lovely, decoupaged wooden plaque.

Okay. Admit it. It's even more adorable with the tiny little magnifying glass inspecting one of my old earrings, right? I think so. And this Sherlock Holmes-inspired bit of nicety could be yours if you enter the giveaway below! In The Warren, I would price this at $25, so you are getting a wonderful chance to have it free! Details for entry are all in the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of the post.
Noir Rachel & Cricket
I found myself swarmed over by Cricket as I was taking photos for this post...hence the blog party photo obscured by the curve of her tail. (Which actually ended up working out nicely so you're not hearing me complain.) She's such a....I don't even know what she is. A pickle? She insists on sitting right where she's not wanted and likes to lay over my shoulders like a mink stole. A live one.

Silly cat.

Well, well, well. If you want to enter for a chance to win the Sherlock Holmes-Inspired Door Hanger, all the information is below. If not, then I think you're a wee bit silly but I suppose you might have your reasons. All people do, it seems.
Genevieve looked at the forbidding knocker--a leopard’s head with the teeth bared to admit an iron ring--and a certain stubbornness peculiar to her nature cropped up: she would not be put off by some jumped-up actor who went about nailing furious leopards to his front door.
-Anon, Sir, Anon


Una Mariah said...

Sign is so cute!! Okay, I love when something introduced early on turns out to be important. Or when someone the character knows turns out to be a bad guy. Or when the suspect turns up murdered. :)

Una Mariah said...

And here's the URL to my post about the giveaway!

Kirsten Fichter said...

This is so perfect!!! I'm on the edge of writing my first official mystery (I haven't decided yet if that's what I'm doing for NaNo or not), and this is awesomeness.

Yesssssss.... The game is afoot!! Sherlock Holmes makes the best mystery story reading ever!

Unknown said...

I really enjoy your blog Rachel! I like it when the culprit in a mystery ends up being someone (or multiple persons) that you would never expect. "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie is a great example of that. :)

Lady Bibliophile said...

I'm a longtime Sherlock Holmes fan, Rachel, and as a mystery fan and a fellow writer, I am greatly looking forward to this blog party! :)

What an awesome door hanger! It's so clever, and I can't wait to see who the lucky winner is. :)

Lady Bibliophile said...

Hmm, favorite plot twists? Definitely having the villain turn out to be someone totally unexpected! I love clues, and close-mouthed people who you know could tell you everything if they would just open up. :) The more complexity the better!

Though I don't mind some predictability, either. Ellis Peters is predictable, but her Cadfael mysteries are such fun.

By the way, I'm Schuyler, and I've been a long-time secret follower of your blog! :)

Emily Chapman said...

I won?? Hurrah! That IS exciting!! ^.^ Thank you muchly, Rachel and Elizabeth! *dances around the room*

Gah, that last picture of you is so pwetty, dear. I love the way your eyes seem to sparkle!

This blog party sounds mah-va-lous. I shall be attending for certain! ;)

::hugs in Christ::
- em -

Miss Dashwood said...

OOOH OOOH OOOOOH this looks fun. :D Let's see, the plot twists I like best in a mystery... I'd have to say I like it when the villain ends up being the person you FIRST suspected. Because then you feel satisfied, heehee. And because in an Agatha Christie, at least, there are often so many red herrings leading you away from your gut instinct that when it does turn out to be true you feel extremely smart. :D

Dakota Densmore said...

I don't think I have the capability to write a mystery novel, and so I won't get a chance to win that absolutely lovely door hanger. Though that's probably for the best. Rather than troop upstairs to knock on my door, when people want my attention, they just yell for it. So a door hanger is kind of moot. :/

ANYWAY, that's not what I popped on to say. I just wanted to tell you that I think you're a SPLENDIFOROUS writer, and I'd love to read one of your books someday. :) Also, reading your blog makes me write in a posh-er voice. That first paragraph? not the way I normally write. X)

toodles! :D

Anne-girl said...

Ditto on Amy's, that's definitely my favorite. Oh the plaque is lovely! I love Sherlock Holmes!

Anne-girl said...
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ashley tahg said...

For me, my favorite plot twist are actually the plot twists. If that makes any sense. I simply adore Agatha Christie's ability to make you continue second guessing all the characters as possible culprits, and in the end, its not even someone you expected!
I've read so many of her books, and each time, she's managed to leave me feeling like a Watson once its all explained.

Hanna-col said...

Hmmm, my favorite mystery plot twist is probably when something happens that clears the person you have been suspecting and you have to figure out who really did it. I enjoy being baffled until the end, but I also love figuring it out before it is revealed at the end.

Hanna-col said...
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Joy said...

Ooo, this party is so mysterious and exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

And the prize Sherlock Holmes door-label is SO GORGEOUS!!!! I am very much excited by your mystery novel, by the way, Rachel dear <3. *nods* this is sooo exciting!

Joy said...

And I second what Schuyler said about one of my favourite mystery twists. These are great!!

orc blogger said...

I like the sort of plot twist where some dark, suspicious person turns out to be good.

Rachel Heffington said...

Wow! Thanks everyone for all the feedback. This was so much fun to read all about your favorite plot twists/themes/occurrences! Good luck to each of you in the giveaway, and thanks a mil for entering. :)