Friday, October 11, 2013

Introducing "Chatterbox", a monthly event

Well, I am back! I intend to get back on a good schedule with blogging so there won't be such disgraceful emptiness between posts. I want you to leave a comment letting me know what you'd like to see me post about; I have my own ideas but I want to be sure I'm covering things that would be helpful to you, not just dribbling my own thoughts all over the internet when no one cares a hairpin about them. One thing I will be starting are some monthly events here at The Inkpen Authoress. The one I'm going to introduce to you today is called "Chatterbox".

Like "Beautiful People" and Katie's "Snippets of Story", Chatterbox is an event to help authors get to know their characters and stories better. I love to talk and I love to write dialog. Chatterbox is, essentially, an exercise in showing your character via the way he or she speaks. It's fun, it is sassy, it is simple. Each month I will assign a conversation topic and it will be your duty to write a conversation between several of your characters regarding whatever I topic I designated. Who knows? You might even end up with something you'll want to work into your real novel. When you are finished writing your post you will be able to link up with me here at The Inkpen Authoress and we'll have jolly larks reading the wide variety that springs out of the assigned topic. If you're in, plunk the picture on your sidebar with a link to this blog and we'll have a go!

October's Chatterbox Topic is:

I gave you something easy to start off with, and for my own entry I scrawled down a conversation between two very new characters of a book that doesn't have permission to exist till I've finished my current books. Lah-dee-dah. Mine is very short and could be a discussion between any two characters except for the fact that I know who these two are and I'm a bit suspicious I'll grow to love them. Meet Mr. Orville Farnham of Whistlecreig:
   "Why don't you ever order something interesting?" Genevieve asked, flicking her menu open.
   "I am a boring man."
   "Surely your non-existent imagination could extend to the point of asking for cream and sugar?"
   "I prefer it black. Takes less time."
   "For whom?"
   He winced against the pain in his stomach and spread his fingers. "When a man has time to order coffee in French, he is a wastrel."
 Toodles, darlings! I cannot wait to read your entries. Remember to spread the word. :)


Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Sounds fun! Coincidentally, my notes for my current novel include a scrap of a conversation about I might just whip it up ahead of time and try this out.

ashley tahg said...

oh this is purely a stroke of genius, Rachel! I will be doing this.

Chloe M. Kookogey said...
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Chloe M. Kookogey said...

I love your ideas, Rachel. Lord willing, I will be joining in!

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

Things you post about that I like:
-pieces or quotes from your stories,
-tips for writing success,
-others' work that has been inspiring to you,
-highs and lows (and in-betweens)of your own journey as an authoress,
-challenges for us to try
-and whatever else you post about.

Carmel Elizabeth said...

Oh, I like this a lot! I'll be joining in tomorrow...:)

Elizabeth Kirkwood said...

I jumped in with this! :D Such a marvelous idea.