Monday, October 21, 2013

Are we to have a Watson?

Some people are intolerable, drubbing boors. And then you have A.A. Milne who has so much sensible back-chat to say about everything that my opinion for him grows by leaps and bounds:

"Are we to have a Watson? We are. Death to the author who keeps his unraveling for the last chapter, making all the others chapters but a prologue to a five-minute drama. This is no way to write a story. :Let us know from chapter to chapter what the detective is thinking. For this he must watsonize, or soliloquize; the one is merely a dialogue form of the other; and, by that, more readable. A Watson, then, but not of necessity a fool of a Watson. A little slow, let him be, as so many of us are but friendly, human, likeable."
-A.A. Milne speaking on the subject of detective fiction
Oh for more people like the creator Winnie-the-Pooh. I want to marry someone who makes up words like "watsonize"; such a man would be a wonderful companion. Or perhaps what I need--being the one who already makes up words--is a man who will laugh at me and put the word into circulation.


Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Watsonize! Oh, why isn't that in the dictionary? Do you suppose Milne would mind if we used it? :)

Along these Watsonian lines, have you read his The Red House Mystery yet?

Rachel Heffington said...

I have NOT! I can't seem to find it and I hate reading things online. I am beginning a book list of things I want to buy once I get some money and that is going FOREMOST.

orc blogger said...

I love the picture! Oldstyle Pooh just melts my heart. :P

Anne-girl said...

It's really a wonderful book. You must read it Jeeves dear