Monday, September 9, 2013

Today's Cache: Things you must See

There are so many times that I come across a really awesome article, video, or thingamabobber and forget to tell other people about  it; I would, but I do forget. Because of this tendency of mine, I figured that today (while I've remembered) I would compile a post of must-sees, must-reads, and must-listens. Got it? These aren't just a random grouping of things (ahemahemahemmaybeso) but they are carefully selected for your viewing pleasure. May I present Today's Cache? You will not regret the time taken to look-watch-hear-etc., I swear on bended need.

If you've ever been a little puzzled by things like dialog tags vs. action beats (which I realize Go Teen Writers has covered as well) you will want to read this article. I was impressed with how succinct the Donna Ippolito was in her presentation of the topic and how much information (and humor) she pulled into the article. A great and concise explanation of the uses, differences, and key points of good and bad dialog.

If you follow me on Facebook (fun and hijinks and all that jazz), you will have seen this article by teen author Rachel Coker that had me looking at her with a raised eyebrow to wonder who authorized this girl to pop over into my brain and scoop out my personality to sell wholesale. Witness her crime:
Everything reminds us of a book–a story–a character. We zone out in line at the grocery store. We forget to take notes during lectures. We doodle on the edges of programs, bookmarks, and shopping lists. If you try to have a conversation with us, we might blink suddenly at the mention of a funny name or a pretty picture or interesting quote. We’re imagining how we can use it. How we can take these everyday details and moments and shape them into our own stories to share with the world.
See? Terrible stuff. You can't imagine how plagiarized I feel right now.

Contrary to popular sentiment, I did not begin to love Tom Hiddleston as an actor when I saw his portrayal of Loki. (or Return to Cranford) Really, girls? A greasy-haired pale dude with beetle-horns? I fell in love with his talent when I saw this video-clip of the rousing call to battle from Shakespeare's Henry V (Followed by his brief but wonderful role in War Horse). If you aren't feeling like shouting "FOR HARRY! FOR ENGLAND! AND FOR ST. GEORGE!" by the end of the clip, you have less heart than Loki...and that is saying something. Why is Tom Hiddleston mentioned on The Inkpen Authoress? Let's pretend Shakespeare's gripping words were the object here, m'kay? And to prove that they really really were the object, you have to watch....

When I watched this last night I was pretty much crying by the end. If we only had more leaders like Henry V as portrayed in Shakespeare's play! You think Tom Hiddleston's "Once more unto the breech, dear friends, once more" was touching? Hah. Watch this and go wish you had a sword or something with which to erratically dash off and whack France. If you have seen this film you will understand what I mean when I say that any man who watches an old friend hang and then walks about all night comforting his troops and then gives a speech like this and then carries his own dead across a battlefield and then commands his troops not to boast about it darn well deserves the best and most hilarious proposal-scene I've seen to date. 

This sneak-peek at Mirriam Neal's latest brainchild just served to excite me. I love cats...and talking ones at that....and people who are locked away in woodland homes and not allowed to fraternize with anyone? It sounds like the beginning of a deliciously dangerous fairy-tale and I honestly can't wait to see what comes of it! You ought to check out the link, which directs you to the first excerpt of the story. You will laugh; I dare you not to.

This post resounded with me not so much because I have trouble with the particular issue brought to light, but because I have seen other people have trouble with it so many times and it never fails to annoy me. Eyes can't roll on their own, nor can fingers wrap or anything of that nature. (This is almost as vexing as when people use "smiled" as a legitimate dialog-tag right as if it meant to same thing as "said" or "asked". Ugh.) Definitely worth a read because I know--believe me here--that it's a far more prevalent mistake than anyone else would like to acknowledge.

Well, those are my favorite finds and links for the week, and I  do hope you'll take the time to read and watch them. Go on. Scroll back up and start at Thing One and make sure you get your daily dose of Shakespeare. Come on. Give up a little of your *groansigh* precious *sighgroan* little Doctor Who time and internet-usage and get a little bit of manly battle-speak. You won't regret it. Toodle-lah! 

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