Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It's the start of September which in its turn, is not really the start of autumn which is in its turn, my favorite season of the year. And between such things like reading about the murders of the Princes in the Tower by Richard III, reading Miss Marple mysteries aloud at midnight, scoring The Mind of the Maker with a G2 pen to mark all the best quotes, making cinnamon-sugar doughnuts, and directing and producing a mini-musical, I have had some time to write. Not quite as much time as I'd like, but it seems I'm in a reading stage of the writing which is, of course, equally important. Reading is the fuel that good writing runs on, and when I'm not reading, my engine tends to gutter. So though someone else's book is the tome in my hand these days, I am not too worried. That said, I thought it was time for some snippets so you could enjoy what writing I have done, and get a feeling for what is to come.

   She felt stronger, too, next to the baby, and strength was a thing she'd always lacked; she was only Veronique in these moments, wearing a wreath of poppies in her hair from the field near Darrow-Dwelling, and waiting for her brother, Darron, to return from his first hunt.
-The Baby
  Jamsie crossed her arms and thrust her chin at a higher angle. "Queen Victoria is quite the safest queen to have ever lived."
  "Much you know, m'lady. Why, i'faith, her every footstep is probably dogged by an assassin or four, her food hovered over with a spoonful of poison, her carriages stalked by hateful citizens who only wait for a chance to shed royal blood."
-The Baby
  Since there seemed nothing left to be said, Jamsie remained silent. What was one supposed to say to a thing like that? All the etiquette columns she'd studied in preparation for growing up neglected to cover how one should respond to a death threat.
-The Baby
  "Climbing has rather been proven to aid one's health, I believe," Ap-Brainard called back to them from a landing ahead. "Upward--it'll be bloody worth it if you've the guts to look beauty herself in the eye. Not many men have the pluck."
-The Baby
   In books they speak of certain women looking like angels; perhaps it was the other way round: perhaps angels--the best and gentlest--occasionally look like women.
-The Baby
  The Lady took a step forward, extending her pretty white hands, and when she took Jamsie's face in her hands and kissed her, the kiss was so like Mum's that Jamsie felt the ache of tears in the bridge of her nose.
-The Baby
  It hurt Jamsie to hear the light gaiety of the Queen's tone when she could see the way the poor woman chafed her wrists till the blood came rose-red to the surface of her skin.
-The Baby
  Richmond cleared his throat and opened his mouth, but a swift jab from the Admiral on his right cut the remark short, ending it in an ill-advised cough. Richmond twisted in his chair, furious and sore, but the Admiral was inspected a slice of toast held up to his nose and was, by all appearances, now quite absorbed in the study.
   "What did you mean by that?" Richmond hissed.
  "Not enough butter, your majesty," the Admiral said a bit sadly, and put the slice of toast to the side.
-The Baby
  The Queen carried The Baby back to her chair with Nurse following anxiously after, and sat down, holding him on her lap. "We'll grow up to be a lovely man, shan't we? Lovely, lovely, lovely--" (with a bounce for each word) "And you'll grow up to be just like your Papa, shan't you? Only, I'll keep you close to me always because you know I love you so, darling thing."
-The Baby
 "I can't say for sure, can I, Your Majesty?" Starling finally answered. "I could'eve had the best and kindest mum and father in th'world and still turned out skinny as a springtime eel, couldn't I have? But there probably wouldn't be quite so many bruises on my back, I'll wager." She shrugged.
-The Baby
.. (The Admiral) undid the ebony buttons of his feathered veskit. Goons, but it was a hot piece of haberdashery.
-The Baby

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Anonymous said...

I want to read this so much now, my eyes itch for the words. The quote about angels is my favorite; and the butter, and beauty, and - can I have it all with a side of tea?

Anne-girl said...

The angels one. my word Rachel! glorious!

Jack said...

I've not really any idea what is going on, I seem to have missed all of the posts on which you talked about this book, but those snippets left me wanting more!! It all sounds so wonderful and I am curious now to know what is going on - which is what a good snippet should do.
I REALLY love your writing style, by the way. It is so glorious and old fashioned

Rachel Heffington said...

Well THANK you, girls! ^.^ Truth be told, I wasn't expecting any of you to be quite so excited about these snippets as you are. But the fact that they do excite you has made me feel all warm inside, so you've done your duty as encouraging "sperrits".
Mirriam, you *may* have it all with a side of tea, and when it's finished, if you have time, I might ask you to beta-read.
Anne-girl, I am glad you like the angel-bit; I thought you would.
Jack, thank you so much, old chappess! If you have time someday, you ought to click on The Baby category in my tags and read up on it...I think you'd like this story. :)

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

I've said it before, but I'm loving all these Baby excerpts. (The Admiral just might be my favorite character.)