Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In which I present The Oasis

This, my hearties, was the Music Room.

Since Daniel moved out and his band hasn't been practicing, and no one else in the family has occasion to play one of his six guitars he left, it's been rather a lame catch-all room that everyone likes to forget about because it's so garbage-y. I don't know why it's taken me so long to happen upon the idea, but I suddenly thought to myself, "Oh golly. Why don't I turn this into an Author's Lair?" So yesterday I snapped that Before Picture, and after an hour and a half of hard work, I present to you, The Oasis:

The Window faces West. :)

I left the keyboard in there even though I don't play the instrument. I thought that it would be a nice, inviting nod to the fact that this used to be a music room, and that my sisters (who do play) are welcome to hang out as I write. :D I was surprised to find that I actually had plenty of things lying about with which to decorate the walls, and had a lot of fun organizing everything to my utter satisfaction. This is luxury, I tell you.

There is a corner simply for reading:

And on one side of the bookcase you have Audrey Hepburn smiling sweetly at my ambitious 101-item Bucket List.

This is the wall that contains all my inspiring quotes, pictures, and things. You'll see there an uncompleted watercolor illustration the Seasonings (throwback, what?) and then a sketch of a ship which was given to me by Wyatt Fairlead to prove as inspiration for Scuppernong Days which I have promised him WILL be written one day. It just needs massive plot overhaul. I have left the space directly above the desk empty so that I can pin up whatever bits of things I gather for current WIP's.

And my very convoluted desk set up currently contains a laptop with the screen cracked so I plug it into a monitor and type on one while looking at the other. I am used to it now, but it is rather like patting one's head while smoothing one's belly at first.

And this, people's, is my new muse:

He was already nailed to the top of the bookshelf, and I thought it would be sad to take him down so I gave him a headdress. I think his name should be Adolphus. 

Now, to get back to writing. 


Emily Chapman said...

Love it! :) Every writer needs a Writer's Realm - whether is be a cosy little room, a desk in front of a large window (as I happen to have), or just the homey kitchen table with little siblings running about and a giant chocolate cookie in hand. Each is beautiful in their own way. Yes, every writer needs a Writer's Realm.

Miss Dashwood said...

Ohmygoodness, this room is a writer's dream. I muchly approve, my Jeeves. And Adolphus is positively ducky. All I can think of when I hear that name, however, is the little poem from the Nurse Matilda books--

"When Adolphus was a little boy his Ma went to the zoo with him,
She went to the head keeper and she asked what they could do with him,
She said, 'Please keep Adolphus, and I'll pay an honorarium,'
But they thought she said 'a dolphin,' and he's now in the aquarium."


Elizabeth said...

Ooh, I love it!!! I would love to go and read and write in there!

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

How lovely! It looks so neat and bright and cheery. Love how you've got things related to your WIPs for wall decoration.

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

I am working on a similar project in my house -- what fun!!

Rachel Heffington said...

Miss Dashwood: HA! I am so glad to meet another who has read (and furthermore, likes) Nurse Matilda! I had, however, entirely forgotten about that poem. It made me laugh, and now I think I shall have to write it out and tack it up next to him for further inspiration. ;)