Sunday, February 17, 2013

Writing Contest! :)

I wanted to inform the each and the every one of you, that there is a new contest beginning...oh look. Today! On The Inkpen Authoress.

I was thinking I wanted something rather interesting. Something...original. Something that would amuse me and challenge your writing abilities to the utmost. Something that will require imagination as well as honesty from the entries of either category.

So bear with me. The contest? Oooooooh. It's going to be rather tough, but I know you will do it.

The theme is:
 First Impressions: the good, the bad, and the unconventional

The challenge is this:

Write a short piece about the first time you met me.

Before you fly off the handle, I want you to know this:

There will be two categories:

1.) Non-fiction (i.e. those of you who have met me may write about your first impression)
2.) Fiction (i.e. a fictionalized meeting of you and I)

For the non-fiction category, I'll be looking for the most amusing, engaging account of the first time you and I met...from your perspective. Don't worry, I shan't be offended if your first impression of me was not very flattering. I have a friend who--because of my old shyness--thought I was stuck-up. ;)

For the fiction category, I'll be looking for the most creative, interesting, and well-written piece about our hypothetical "meeting"

I realize this is not a conventional contest, but I would challenge all of you to try your hand at it. Consider it a writing exercise--surely if you can write a book about a character that doesn't exist, you could try your hand at writing me as a character?

The devilish details are as follows:

One entry per contestant. Please send all entries to I will not attempt to ban those of you who have met me from fabricating a fictional meeting...but that would just be weird so I doubt you'll try it. ;)

There is no limit to how long your piece may be, but the general idea would be a "short story length" of no more than about 2-3k words.

Accepting Entries till midnight on March 1.

The winner of each category will receive a prize--I am still working out what those prizes will be. :) 

I can't wait to read your entries, so get your pencils ready!


Carmel Elizabeth said...

Ooh, ooh! (said in Lydia Bennet voice). I think I'll be entering. ;)

Elizabeth said...

This sounds like fun! Forgive my ignorance, but by fictional, do you mean to write a piece on an imaginary meeting between you and me? Thanks.

Rachel Heffington said...

Molly: Yes! That's exactly what I mean. ^.^

Elizabeth said...

Thank you1 I will get right down to writing! :)