Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Platitudes--I mean, Gratitude. Yes. Gratitude.

I am thankful. Thankful for every single one of my followers and dear writing friends. Without you, I would have no public. And without my public my writing would not have grown as much as it has the past several years. I treasure every comment I receive, I treasure your patience, and your advice. Thank you for being there to assure me my writing isn't trash. Thank you for offering suggestions and Other Helpful Things. Thank you for discussing every topic under the ink-sun from Charles Dickens to Mr. Darcy without wrinkling your nose at me. In short, thank you for being awesome.
Among the wonderful host of you--men and women alike--I would like to take this opportunity to thank several who have been special inspirations to me. Ready?

Mirriam. By letting me read Monster you showed me how powerful a medium fiction can be in shedding truth and Light into complex, difficult subjects. Your stand on Life is something this world needs to here. Have at 'em, luv. Leave 'em breathless.

Jenny. Of course I could not have such a list without mention you. If we were all a part of the Inklings club, I feel that you'd be the Tolkien to my Lewis. The one urging me to do better, congratulating me when I do well enough, and keeping the muscles of my mind straining onward and upward in pursuit of richer, deeper things.

Abigail. You are the Elinor to my occasional Marianne. Every time I visit your blog I am inspired to do better, write harder, and think before I speak. Thank you. I need your baking soda to my vinegar.

Rachelle. Ours is a recent acquaintance, but already I feel I've known you all my life. I know next to nothing about the ins and outs of your daily life--I don't even know if you have a single sibling! But what I do know is that we are soul-friends. Thank you for your gentle, poignant criticism. You are an inspiration.

The Anne-girl. Oh Bertie...dear dear me. You have given me a nephew in The Sage, and I cannot wait to attend his christening--er, publication--thankee. If I was half as dedicated a writer at your age as you are, I think I'd already be a Jane Austen. As I was not and therefore amn't, (aren't? Isn't? Oh hush and take a pickle for your trouble) I wish you every happiness and blessing in your writing efforts.

Again I thank you all, but most of all I thank my Lord Jesus Christ who, by the beauty of His story, inspires me ever and anon to try to play with these mirror-shards and make a reflection that might show a bit of His goodness and glory to a blind world. Thank You, Lord for Your patience with me, and for allowing me the privilege of playing with words and ideas in my fumbling attempts to please You. Thank You for my part in Your story. Thank You for training my hands to make war and my feet to trod the path You've laid for them. I love You, Jesus. You are the only Author I could imagine surrendering the writing of my life to.

A happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day to all you!


Anonymous said...

This made me so happy!!! You made my day!! I'm SO grateful for you as well; your writing has inspired me for a *long* time!!!! Thank you for including me in this list :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You have inspired me!

Anne-girl said...

Jeeves you have made my day as well{that's two days so far! You should use them for extra writing time!} I am thankful for you dear Auntie of my Sage! That peppermints post you did last was gorgeous I absolutely adore reading about other people's writing processes.
Toodle-Pip and Pickles!

Your Bertie