Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Well, everyone, I thought it high time The Inkpen Authoress got a face-lift so I set to work my *ahem* very limited *ahem* blog designing skills and simplified everything and made myself a nice little header. It's a start, people. It's a start. And I happen to like it. What do you think of the new design? We're all the same here, only the "blogs I like" and the "follow me" sections are down at the buttom of the page for further ease on the eyes while reading the actual blog post. Get it? I will be adding updated Pages and lots of that sort of fun thing for you by and by. Till then, toodle-loo and may the pen of Macefield never dictate unpleasant things for you! ;)


Elizabeth said...

Ooh, I like the new design! It is good, and it caught my eye immediately!

ashley tahg said...

I find it very easy on the eyes, and beautiful too!

Love it, Rachel!

Casey Capra said...

I really like the header. Especially since it shows your face!

Rachel Hope said...

This is my third comment, no I'm no stalking you.
your new design is lovely theres something about clean white and a standout header. A very pretty one indeed.
Great job, I know how hard it is to redo a blog and hard is an understatement.
Blessings ~ Rachel Hope

Rachel Heffington said...

Never fear, Rachel. I love comments! They totally make my day. :) Yes, I'm a fan of the clean white look too. I don't like cluttered blogs. I've been envying Jenny's Penslayer-look for a long time. It's just so....yeah.
Well, glad everyone's pleased with it so far! I'm enjoying myself!

Emily Chapman said...

Ooh, I like it a lot, Rachel! Like everyone else said, it's clean, simple, and yet pretty. I like it! :)

Becca Weston said...

love the header, Rachel. Gives it a nice pop of color, while the white makes it much easier to read than the cluttered look.


Julia said...

WOW, it looks clean and fresh and updated! Me like! :D Good job on the header, Rachel! For having limited skills (so modest!) you certainly did a nice design. :D

Just shows what great taste you have. :D

I'm looking forward to the rest of it! :D

Joy said...

It is great! To be honest I found it hard to visit your blog Rachel because it was too large on my web-page and honestly a bit hard on the eyes. Now--that design is really great! It is a nice vintage style and crisp and clear... and I love the font. It is great on the eyes now!