Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A day like this

There are some days when the writing-business at hand is not to write any actual words, but to live the day in a writing frame of mind...

A day when stirring up a spiced pear compote is as lovely and important a thing as writing another thousand words.

A day when musing over the character of a person you met and making mental remarks over him is as effective as casting him in a villainous role--which you plan to do later on.

A day when driving along rural, leaf-plastered roads in a thick mist is soul-food enough for a week.

A day when day-dreaming while crocheting a wash-cloth for an elderly person is as productive as sitting before your computer waiting for inspiration to come.

A day when whipping up a giant batch of chocolate chip cookies gives you enough courage and stamina and coziness to feel Dickensian again.

A day when French Vanilla coffee cures all the world's ills and reminds you of Fly Away Home... <3

A day when you're eight pages into a reply to a letter and still have much to say, and you're pleased as if you had just entered the last scene of your novel.

A day when you stop and look at the brilliant, glowing, half-frozen color of a six year old's cheeks and realize that "blush" is hardly the word to describe the living beauty of the color.

A day when you look at a pile of apple and pear peelings and marvel over the Creator's genius in coloring them such riotous hues of red and gold and green.

Treasure these days. I'm not sure but they are the most important in a writer's life. Days when we remember to live so that we have something about which to write.


Miss Dashwood said...

"One cannot sit down to write unless one has first stood up to live." I don't know who wrote that but it was the first thing that flashed into my head upon reading this wonderful post!

I was pondering something of the sort today--namely, how just about anything can be turned into writing-fodder if you take the time to catch it. I had to ride the bus today all alone and didn't like it much, but the people around me were so fascinating that I forgot to worry about getting mugged. (I didn't get mugged.) :D

Rachel Heffington said...

Haha. Well, to be almost mugged--that would certainly be fodder for a story. All the same, I'm very glad you were *not* mugged. That might have ruined dinnertime. ;)

Anne-girl said...

Thanks Rachel! I needed this post. Sometimes I'm so busy writing and making and doing that I forget to just live. Sheesh that sounded cheesy I liked it much better the way you put it.
French vanilla coffee! My, my, you're making my mouth water.

Jack said...

Very true. Aw, now I want to go for another walk.(Today I sat out on a picnic table, enjoying the sun through my coat and reading a book in the park. Fall is such a nice season for that.)

Maria Tatham said...

Beautiful! I encourage you in this beautiful frame of mind and heart.