Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time to party!

People, prepare for an awesome month.

October? Nah.


Oh yeah.

Because it's the 2nd birthday of both Abigail Hartman's The Soldier's Cross and Jenny Freitag's The Shadow Things, and they are holding a huge birthday-bash! What wonderful mothers. ;) This party is gonna be full of informative posts, interviews, Q & A sessions, giveaways, and more both on Scribbles and Inkstains and The Penslayer. But the best part? The part that concerns you and me and everyone else who wants to get their hands on a piece of Jenny and Abigail's attention? You can ask them any questions. Any. You can post your questions on their blog, email them, or ask them on the authors' FB pages--just get out there and do it! Now's your chance, so hurry! {and does anyone else not think the Promo-banners are amazing?}

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