Thursday, September 13, 2012

The window to the soul


As a writer I am guilty of describing eyes too much. The expressions in eyes, the color of eyes, the direction one's eyes are cast...eyes fascinate me. When I was little I decided that blue eyes could be cold and harsh at times while brown eyes were always warm. I have no idea where that thought came from, for my whole family has blue/green eyes. Perhaps the thought came to me on a day when I was sitting in the corner after being cross.

But it is true that eyes are the window to a soul. The reason at times we don't need to speak when in the company of friends is because of the fact that we exchange thoughts with our eyes. Sometimes our eyes say what we don't have words for and therefore must remain silent. I've read secrets in a look exchanged between friends and I.

When I meet a new person I always look at their eyes. I hate meeting people with sunglasses on for that very reason. One of my best friends has chestnut color eyes...almost roan in their hue. They are gorgeous, and sometimes it's almost hard to hold their gaze because they are so deep.

For a long time I thought my eyes were blue...then I thought they were know what they are? I found out a little while ago, and it made me laugh.

My eyes are yellow-green. Isn't that strange? For a long while I was indignant. The only literary character I've come across who has yellow eyes is Chauvelin, and his are described as looking like a coyote's. Rats in a poke! :P

 I have "cat's eyes", Mama says. They are shaped exactly like a cat's and they are that classic yellow-green. Cricket and I almost share the same eye-color. Below is a picture of my sister and I. Because of the lighting/filter we put on it when we edited my eyes looks aqua. Sarah's are golden--I've always loved hers. Blonde eyes to match her blonde hair. ;)

What color are your eyes?


Kendra E. Ardnek said...

My eyes are a greenish-, grayish-blue. Describing eyes is fun, isn't it? Very good for emotion, too.

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I think I've only gone into description beyond just stating color for only one of my characters, but it can be fun! :-)
My eyes are the color of melted milk chocolate- either that or mud. I prefer chocolate to mud. ;-)

Dakota Densmore said...

My eyes are a little darker and grayer than the girl's in the first pic, but they're not too far from it. ;) I like to say...a smokey blue. :)

I love eyes! :D In fact, most of my plotline for my current story hinges on the color of a certain woman's! It's not as stupid as it sounds. X)

Emily Chapman said...

I totally understand your thing about eyes. They really are a "window to the soul" and they are such an essential part when it comes to pictures of your characters and meeting people, etc. :) In short, I think we share the feeling about eyes!

Oh, and mine are blue. :)

Kirsten Fichter said...

I love eyes! And yes! I know what you mean about meeting people with sunglasses! Honestly, I can't take sunglasses seriously, so I always laugh whenever my cousins wear them. :)

My dad's family is known for their blueberry blue eyes, and most of my siblings got the blue. However, as the years have passed, my once blueberry eyes have crossed with gray with perhaps a hint of green. Not exactly sure on that as it's a bit hard to look at my eyes right now. Blue-gray-green's not so bad, though. I like to imagine my eyes are like the sea (according to Sarah, Plain and Tall): blue, and gray, and green.

The Mad Elvish Poet said...

Ah! And I thought I was the only one! I too am absodiddlelootely **obsessed** with describing eyes! They are so fascinating. They're so important!
Mine are...gray, but I have little diamond flecks of green, tiny specks of gold and silver, and large dollops of a very pale blue. They're a dark mixture of gray and green and blue around the edges, and paler toward the mirror. *sly smile* ...They have secrets...

Miss Dashwood said...

I've barely described eyes yet in any of my stories, but I'm anxious to do so-- they say SO MUCH about a person!

Mine are gray-green-hazel-brown, depending on the light in the room, the shirt I'm wearing, the amount of sun I got today, and how the war in Afghanistan is affecting gas prices.

Julia said...

I love eyes!

Mine are actually a grayish olive green, with a thin navy blue ring around the very edge of the iris (colored part of the eye). :) This means when I wear just the right shade of blue, it picks up the navy ring and my eyes look blue from a few feet away! Fun! :) If I wear olive green they look VERY green. :)

And you have absolutely beautiful eyes, Rachel! That's one thing I noticed about you when we met! :D

Rachel Heffington said...

Thanks everyone! It's so much fun hearing about your eyes. :) Mad Elvish Poet--you eyes sound really really neat! I love eyes that have secrets! One of my little sisters has a vertical brown stripe in one of her gray-green eyes. Another sibling has star-bursts, while I have speckles.

Rachel Heffington said...

(And thank you, Julia and Kiri-Liz!)

Carmel Elizabeth said...

My eyes are a grayish sort of blue. Like a stormy ocean, if I'm being poetic. ;)