Thursday, August 16, 2012


Good news! My younger sister found my USB port! Turns out she had taken it to use for her photos and it was safely stored in her camera case. I thought I'd asked her where it was, but that is the trouble with having five sisters--you rather forget sometimes who it was you were talking to. But all that to say I am so relieved to have found my babies and I spent yesterday afternoon reading over my work and finding it was not half-bad. :) In the days that I wasn't writing because of not having my novels at hand, I spent some time on Pinterest gathering writing inspiration. Here are some of my favorite pins:

[more on my writing notebook in a few days]

All of these images and more can be found on my pinboard: The Smell of Ink. :) Cheers!


Em said...

I am an artist so my hand normal looks like that;P So cool:)

Always Narnian said...

Hehehehe.....Nice pictures!
Glad you found your USB... we are always misplacing things like that!

Unknown said...

Love em!! I'm going to steal. :)