Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In which we go hunting plot bunnies

In the realm of writing, plot bunnies are a frowned-upon species of creation. They can be red-herrings and distract from the current work in progress. They are insistent creatures and bound in upon your senses when you least expect them, and are least able to deal with them. They are beautiful, shimmering, tempting little things that promise Perfection...but when you chase them they sometimes disappear in a puff of smoke. And yet they won't go away no matter how much you want them to. There is always a plot bunny sitting on your fingers as you try to type out the next thousand words in the story you know you need to be writing. Inspiration? No. I'm inclined to feel that a plot bunny is distraction. Yet...
You never know when real inspiration will strike. Sometimes plot bunnies are not all mischief, mockery, and fluff. Sometimes there is a valid idea contained in those sporadic plot bunnies. So how do you keep from falling in love with one of these capricious creatures, yet giving inspiration a chance to strike? Here are the ways I deal with them:

Give them their own Word Document- I do not shy from opening a new document, writing the scene that has been bothering me, and saving it for a later date.

Give them their own blog post- This can be a way to successfully fool Those Bunnies. You see, they are vain creatures and they like to be Noticed if you know what I mean. If you write about the plot bunny or include bits of it in your Snippets of Story post, or otherwise give it attention, you might find it begins to leave you alone for a while.

Give then the dignity of a name- Again, make up an intriguing name for this plot bunny and attach it to their word document. This will appease them more than anything.

Give them a later date- After all of this work, if the plot bunny will not go away, set yourself a particular time you will pay attention to your warren of plot bunnies. This works well because the elusive ones that wouldn't have been worth anything anyway are scared of commitment, and then the ones that are worth something will be ready and waiting for you at a particular time, dictated by Your Pen. :)

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Dakota Densmore said...

All very excellent ideas. ;) oh, by the way, did you ever find your USB card?