Sunday, August 12, 2012

I write...

...because the taste of words is in my mouth

...because my dreams appear most vivid in spade-black ink

...because I want to make someone wonder, if just for a moment.

...because I love the turning of pages and the company of books

...because a story, even the simplest, is enough to make me smile.

...because my characters are flesh and blood to me; kin to my heart.

...because to harness words to do my bidding is a power I delight over.

...because a fireside, a book, and a person are a trinity not to be trifled with.

...because there is a chance that I might someday write something worth reading.

...because the feel of creating a world of characters and events all my own turns me giddy.

...because the cadence of story and rhyme is a dance I know well; the pirouette of words weaving an enchantment of vividry.

...because I must write or be forever haunted by the lurid beauty of story untold.


Unknown said...


And, yes. Oh. Yes.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love that painting, where did you find it??

Rachel Heffington said...

@Rachelle, thanks!
@Felicity, I found the painting on't it a raving, tearing beauty?

Joy said...

I loved this post, Rachel <3. The images you created are beautiful, and the words are so true of a writer!

Emily Chapman said...

Oh! This is lovely. But I don't know if even that does it justice. I'll end by saying loudly, "I concur." :)