Monday, August 27, 2012

a minor flashback

Writing query letters for A Mother for the Seasonings puts me in mind of how much I love this dear little story. It has the advantage of having completed even its multiple editings at least a year ago, so I can stand and smile upon it from a helpful distance. :D Now to find an agent who wants to learn to love it.

“We really haven’t a mother of our own, and we need one terribly, so we were wondering if you wouldn’t like to marry Papa.” I finished and my shoulders slumped.
 It was not as easy as you would think, trying to explain our business to these women. None of them seemed to understand the thinking behind it.
-A Mother for the Seasonings


Emily Chapman said...

I already love it. :) Sadly, I'm not an agent. I want to read it; you want to publish it; and neither of us are agents. Dear me. I suppose we are both in a pickle, no? ;)

Anne-girl said...

Of all I think this story is my favorite it was the one you were writing the most about when I first "met" you. It was the one that inspired me to start writing myself.

Miss Dashwood said...

You brave dear, sending your baby out into the world like that! I've dreamed about doing that for a couple of years now and haven't gotten the courage (or the right story for the job) quite yet... but I'm excited to hear you're taking the plunge! You will keep us posted, won't you?