Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh I wish I was in de land of cotton ;)

Hello Everyone! Long story, but this is the short version:
I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon for a month of campaigning in Georgia. :) 
Shocked? So was I--it came up majorly fast, but it's going to be glorious. :)

It's hilarious because I'm flying from here to PA and then from PA to GA.
It's going to feel like fighting the Civil War all over again...yankees and rebels, wot? ;)
I've got posts scheduled to keep this corner of the Blogging World from being death's doorstep, including some fabulous guest posts, so keep thy eyes peeled! :) You can catch up with me and my trip on Facebook--I set up a page expressly for that purpose. :) Just type up my name, and as long as I know you well enough to not think you're a creeper, I shall accept you as a friend and love you forever and always. ;) For now I've got to trot off to our town's darling 4th of July picnic/fireworks, but I will have internet access down there after all, so you will be hearing from me! Toodles--wish me a bon voyage and drop a prayer or two for Daniel and I if you think of it. :) (We're campaigning together. :)

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