Friday, July 20, 2012

A star danced...

"There was a star danced, and under that was I born."
-William Shakespeare

(and quite possibly my favorite quote from him. :)
Because it is my birthday, and because I am now 20 years old, and because I can now quote one of my favorite Elizabeth Bennet quotes correctly: ("I am not yet one-and-twenty") and perhaps because I am feeling birthday-ish even if I am in Georgia, here is a birthday post for me and you and the rest of us.

First off, it's my golden-birthday. That means (in Rachelisms) that I turned 20 on the 20th of July. Some one recently tried to tell me that "golden birthday" means "50th," but that is so terribly unromantic that I ignored them and told them that they were probably incorrect, and I was probably right. ;) My family sent me the most amazing package ever. It sat in my hotel room for two days while I tried to forget about it, but I have to say that I bounced awake quite earlyish this morning and tore into it with a right good will.
They'd wrapped everything in gold-hued paper. Different patterns, different shades, all golden. :) And some peacock feathers thrown in for good measure. Nearly everything in the box was gold-themed too. I felt just like Rose in Eight Cousins--there was no end to that amazing package. Gift after little gift I opened till I was quite in danger of being late for breakfast!

"Every little girl cam easily imagine what an extra good time she had diving into a sea of treasures and fishing up one pretty thing after another, till the air was full of the mingled odours of musk and sandalwood, the room gay with bright colours, and Rose in a rapture of delight."

Mama and the girls had sprinkled gold stars in every envelope and box, and by the end of the time my dark little hotel table was quite awash in a sea of glittering splendour. :) Thanks, family-dearest! Among the many delightful things I received were:

- a silver pocket-watch necklace from Felicity--I feel just like Beatrix Potter. :)
- truffles, orange-dark-chocolate, Rollos, and Toblerone
- gold, sparkly eye-shadow from my sister, the Fashionista. :) (And yes, I can carry it off)
- fuschia lipstick, so that I might follow in the summer's fashion trends. ;)
- a little china box with a supercilious cat on it, filled with "golden" buttons
- twenty dollars
- a beautiful, golden, filigree dogwood-flower hairclip
- Bath & Bodyworks white citrus lotion
- eyeshadow especially formulated for hazel eyes (a girl on a campaign needs to feel beautiful, right? :)
- postage stamps
- and more. :)

Truly, it was the most wonderful parcel I've ever received. Most packages come to an end far too quickly, and with many of them you already knew what was coming. No such thing in this deal. And in addition, I had about 6  cards from various family and friends! Thank you everyone who contributed to making my birthday-away-from-home possibly one of the best ones I've ever had! I love you all, and I'll remember it for ever and always. :) <3


Kirsten Fichter said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel! Haha, sounds like golden birthdays are a lot of fun! :)

Emily Chapman said...

Oh, happy happy birthday, dear Rachel! :) May you have an amazing year!!

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Happy Birthday! :-D

Lydia said...

Happy birthday Rachel! I just had my golden year birthday too. 16 years old on the 16th of July! Hope you had a great one!!!

Melody ________________________________ said...

Happy golden birthday, Rachel! Unfortunately, I will never be able to celebrate one since mine came before I was ten, before I even heard about such things. But I shall revel in yours. Oooh, and being able to quote Elizabeth Bennet: icing on the cake.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel! God bless you in the coming year!

Miss Dashwood said...

Happy, happy birthday, darlingest of Jeeves'!

Rachel said...

Aww, how *Sweet*! :D I'm so glad you're golden *giggles* birthday was made more special by this lovely package from your family. :) Oh, peacock I'd love to be able to pull those off! Fun! Rolo's. My favorite. ;)

I think a girl seriously needs to have some nice girly things around, if the amount of male species photos on your FB from campaigning can be any clue. Otherwise you'd go nuts! ;) Hehe.

Ooooh! I love that quote from Pride and Prejudice. So sad, I cannot quote it the same anymore. *dramatic sigh* :D

Happy 20th year to you my sweet new friend! May the Lord bless you!

Love in Christ,

Shi of Narnia said...

Happy belated Golden Birthday Rachel!