Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yo-ho-ho and all that

On Monday I got the privilege to go to Norfolk and visit the OpSail and Harbor Fest in commemoration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812. I got gobs of research done for Scuppernong Days. It was a blessing straight from God, that just as I needed lots of ideas and facts and knowledge about sailing ships, 51 of them sail into a harbor nearish-by! We almost missed it (second to last day!) but everything worked out so that I got everything I needed, and even more. I research partly by listening, partly by looking, and a great deal by absorption. I spent the day on sailing ships. It'll help far more with my writing than sitting and reading a whole book on sailing would ever do. :) I also indulged in a deal of people-watching, which is one of my absolute favorite sports. I overheard so many funny conversations, including one between a woman and an Indonesian sailor who had been sailing since January to get here.
"Are you homesick?"
"No! I wanted to see world so I joined de Navy."
 (at least he was honest. :) 

Very hard at work researching, as you can see. ;)

Ahhh... that's more like it. :)

Sarah and I on the Godspeed.

^ The salt-breeze-intoxicated Authoress posing for her personal photographer in front of Information. ;)

It was a fabulous jaunt and I am so filled with a ripping, tearing thirst for travel that it isn't even funny. :D Or maybe it is slightly comical, seeing as I am entirely broke and couldn't buy a tram ticket, let alone a pass to the West Indies. But all in all I had one of the most exciting, fabulous days I've had in a long time. There were enough memories made to last me a life-time. (and to exhaust 7 pages of a letter to a friend. *smiles at Felicity*) This is by far my favorite manner of doing research!


Jenny Freitag said...

Hey! I realized just now that when I emailed you back about that letter I completely forgot to mention your trip to see the sailing ships. I promise I wasn't snubbing, I was just scattered. Over several days. It looks and sounds as though you had a blast, though. I don't recall ever being on a sailing ship, though I have seen some of the very famous ones from a distance. What a treat! Once upon a time I was writing sailing stories. Rummy stories, but I was Up To Speed on my Details. There was a time when I was the go-to person when it came to sailing ships. Abigail has long since outstripped me in that regard. I left off studying years ago and she has been studying the topic since...a long time.

Still, I have to say - what a treat!

Anonymous said...

Rachel Heffington, I'm about to renounce my ever knowing you!!! How could you possibly let 51 sailing ships cruise into port and not let me know. Here I am, a sailing ship enthusiast since I could put together coherent sentences and, and you troop off with a bunch of friends and relatives to see once in a lifetime spectacle of 51 ships. I'm eating my heart out.
Yours in tears,
Wyatt Fairlead

Rachel Heffington said...

My dear Mr. Fairlead,
I do apologize for my sad failure in this respect--for starters, I was under the impression that your family's schedule was quite packed in for this month, and therefore inviting you quite slipped my mind. But if it is any comfort I thought to myself: "Mr. Fairlead would love this. I must remember to tell him all about it, and perhaps next year he can come."
There will not be 51 sailing ships next year, but there will be a good many for the yearly Harbor Fest. I promise I will invite you. Until then, tell me if you want lots of details--I could scan the 7 pages of description to you and you'd have enough to live off of for months.
Again, I am sorry--I wish you could have come!
With hankie in hand,
Rachel Heffington

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,
I will confess to have temporarily lost my calm about the whole matter, especially considering the fact that you were entirely correct as to my schedule not permitting my availability for such an event. I will more than happily accept an invitation next year, fewer ships or no. As to your notes, I am more than interested. By all means, please send them at your earliest convenience.
Yours recovering,
Wyatt Fairlead

Maria Tatham said...

Rachel, what fun! So glad you had the opportunity. To be by the sea anytime is a joy - on board a ship, something more. Happy you learned, had a mini-vacation, and actually got to relax in a seaboard hammock (right word?)

Always Narnian said...

I'm really jealous too...x(