Saturday, June 2, 2012

I've Joined the June Crusade! *SAVE ME*! ;)

I have done something I may or may not regret. I've joined the June Crusade over at Scribblings of my Pen and Tappings of My Keyboard. It's NaNoWriMo but in June. Check it out! :) My novel I'll be using will, of course, be Fly Away Home. The goal is to write 50,000 words by June 30th. That means 1,667 words per day for 30 days. Think I can do it? Maybe. I'm trying at least, since I had been wanting to get back onto an accountable writing schedule. Yesterday's Word Count? 2085. Not bad. Not bad at all. I will be getting up early in the mornings to accomplish this. Think I'm crazy? Yeah. Probably. But I might as well try, since several of my writing buddies are doing it. :) To kick it off, The Anne-Girl (hostess of this event) has provided a fun tag:

What is the name of your novel?

Fly Away Home

Are you doing the book in a month challenge?

Well, I'm doing the 50k word challenge. I hope my book is longer than that. :)

Name your three main characters.

Eh....Calida Harper, Mr. Wade Barnett and Nickleby, the cat.

Give a basic summary of the plot line. Sort of like a back cover blurb.

Calida Harper graduated from journalism school and set out to win the title of World's Best Reporter. But now, a few years later Callie is chained to a desk drubbing out obituaries, ads, and the occasional theater-review. So she feels it's a big break when her boss assigns her to start a new magazine with journalism-hero Mr. Wade Barnett. It seems like the stroke of luck Callie has been waiting for. But life isn't all a bowl of cherries. Especially when one's measure of success, glory, and a life lived well oppose your employer's at every turn. Callie isn't sure she likes Mr. Barnett's old-fashioned ideas. He isn't certain she has her head screwed on right. Then the magazine-venture begins to fail and Callie risks losing her job, and the heart of the only man she has ever felt safe with. What will be the end of it all? Only time will tell if Callie is willing to fly away home.

Which character is your favorite so far?

Mr. Wade Barnett, of course. Actually--guilty confession--I am writing him as a character I'd be certain to fall in love with if it was a published book I was reading. You know--the next Mr. Knightley? ;)

Do you believe in assigned word counts and deadlines, or just writing whenever you feel like it?

I believe a self-imposed deadline or word-count can be rather beneficial in  getting the first draft done. However, I do think there is some wiggle-room. :)

What's your books theme song?

Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" or else "The Way  You Look Tonight" :)

What inspired you to write this?

My short story: "How About Coffee?" :)

Have ever read or seen Les Mis?

Read the entire, huge, thick, monstrous unabridged version, and have listened to much of the music and loved it. I'm planning on seeing the movie this December (*squeal*) and watching it on the Broadway tour next spring! :)

What author has inspired you the most? 

Gracious. Different people at different times. E. Nesbit, Jane Austen, P.G. Wodehouse, L.M. Alcott, Jenny Freitag, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, A.A. Milne...lots of peeps. :)

Well...sing ho! I've joined the June Crusade!!!! :)

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Elaine J. Dalton said...

I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month so we'll be doing 50,000 words together! :D